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The cozy media room gets a dose of rich color. We paint the walls Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore and the entire mood changed!

Hello! We are right smack dab in the middle of the One Room Challenge, it’s week 4. I am so excited, the room is sporting its new color, we painted the walls Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore!

And let me tell you, it’s good. I love how it looks with the new gilded sconces and with the ceiling going a beautiful shade of blue – what a room this is going to be!

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This will be short and sweet! A big portion of the project aesthetics lies within the paint. Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray for the walls and Sherwin William’s Waterloo for the ceiling.

I couldn’t be happier with this combo and the beautiful mural has taken on a whole new richness thanks to the darker room.

Here is a fun “in process” photo of the new colors.

paint the walls Chelsea gray

Do you see how wonderfully close Chelsea Gray is to the trees in the mural? So good! The ceiling details will hopefully happen this coming weekend.

In the meantime, check out this really neat vintage item – my husband’s dad was a projectionist.

Back in the day, it required skill to run the movies at the local theater and my husband’s dad was one of the best.

I am going to take three of these and turn them into a nesting coffee table using varying heights of angled table legs for a slight mid-century vibe.

Love that nesting coffee tables are coming into vogue again and the idea is perfect for the media room. The reels are 22 inches in diameter – perfect to move around the room.

Join me on Instagram stories (@theaspiringhome_) to watch these tables come together.

What else is happening with the media room?

Sewing. Lots of it. I have several floor pillow and accent pillows to create. Oh! and I love digging through my leftovers because look what I found?

This amazing trim that was originally bought for my son’s room but I decided it wasn’t right for the space but… look how good it looks with this fabric!

We still have the snack bar console to make and the hunt for the perfect stools is still ongoing but soon the major pieces will be in place and it will be exciting to show you!

So, I’m going to wrap up my update now but before you leave- click over to the One Room Challenge website and see where my fellow designer/bloggers are in their rooms.

Over 350 spaces are represented and some crazy amazing talent is on display – you gotta go take a look!

Keep creating home and I will see you later my friends!

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