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Ready for a perfectly cozy media room design? The One Room Challenge Spring 2022 is officially here!

Strike up the band or roll the film! We are taking on another One Room Challenge and this time we are celebrating this amazing event’s 10th year!! How wonderful is that? Hundreds upon hundreds of rooms have been reimagined, thousands of friendships forged through community, and countless DIY projects that inspired many all thanks to this idea that Linda from Calling It Home dreamed up. This season we are creating a cozy media room perfect for friends and family!


Read all the details here:

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So how do we create a cozy media room?

This media room will get a dose of rich beautiful color on the walls. A gorgeous subtle mural is gracing the wall which hearkens back to the old days of screening rooms.

Comfy seating with cushy pillows, great spots to hold freshly made popcorn and great lighting that evokes that exciting feeling of watching a great movie on the big screen.

Here’s our “To Do” list:

  • Add paneled moulding
  • Paint the walls
  • New sconce lighting
  • Install movie screen
  • Install projector
  • Install surround sound speakers
  • DIY a fabulous coffee table
  • Update a side table with faux marble technique
  • Sew accent pillows
  • Build sofa table for extra seating

and as we know, that list just may increase as the project goes on but we have a good foundation of projects to create this space perfect for family movie night.

Here’s where we are starting-

The Before…

before picture of media room for the spring One Room Challenge Cozy media room

Ready for the design? Here we go!

Isn’t is pretty and cozy? We will be adding the essentials that make movie nights so grand and we will talk more about it next week along with a breakdown of all the fun DIY projects we will be doing.

In the meantime, follow me over on Instagram (@theaspiringhome_) or over on Facebook (@theaspiringhome) to get the latest updates.

Now let’s head over to the One Room Challenge website and check out all the rooms embarking on greatness!

Until later, keep creating home my friends!

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