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Today is the day we talk all about the media room details! Everything from the paint colors to the DIY projects to the tech side.

Hello and welcome to week 2 of the Spring 2022 One Room Challenge! Last week I introduced you to our pet project, the media room. This week I’m going to break down the design and give you all the media room details!

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We (my family and I) love having a media room. My husband loves it for the tech side and great sound. My kids love it for the awesome gaming experience with friends.

I loved it because it gave me a chance to feel like I am back in the era of screening rooms. I’m a sucker for the Golden age of Hollywood.

I grew up absorbing everything about the old movies from set designs to the stars. I just love it. So, in the spirit of the age – this space will have a little glamour sprinkled throughout.

ORC Media Room Concept board Media room details

Let’s take a look at the “To DO” list:

  • Add paneled moulding
  • Paint the walls
  • New sconce lighting
  • Install movie screen
  • Add projector
  • Install surround sound speakers
  • DIY a fabulous coffee table
  • Update a side table with faux marble technique
  • Sew accent pillows
  • Build sofa table for extra seating

The Walls –

The walls are getting a whole lot of love! We have the beautiful wall mural already installed.

The other walls will get the paneled treatment. I am so excited about this, we are going to try and recreate a little opulence with stock moldings. Then…

We are going to give it a few coats of deep rich color that plays well with the mural. What’s the magic color this round?

Well it’s

Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray!

It’s going to be so so good and we are painting everything from the doors to the ceiling in this color.

The Lighting-

When our house was built, we installed the basic builder grade sconces. Clean and simple lines- they could work just fine but to play off the mural and vibe, I found these.

As much as I love this version, I bought the one below because it was on a really good sale. I figured that I can use my favorite gold spray paint to make them the perfect shade of gold and a little black fabric paint will take care of the shade.

I’m actually toying with the idea of adding a little additional detail to them that will really up the wow factor!

The Furnishings –

The couch, fortunately, we have from our previous house.

The big addition will be the tables and bar height seating. While looking at options, I fell in love with this coffee table but the price and size is very much out of budget.

Pretty dreamy right? Click on the picture to see how much it goes far. Really, look. I will wait.

Did you see? Yeah, as much as I like it -can not bring myself to purchase. After staring at it for a little – I realized that the size really wouldn’t work and I need something that could stretch longer when needed.

So, this great table is now just pure inspiration and I am designing something that will be its own kind of beauty and function well in the room. Doable, right? We will see!

We are going to build behind the couch counter seating that mimics but doesn’t duplicate this gorgeous table.

The final big piece of furniture to add will be the media storage console. I have been wanting to do an Ikea hack for years and I think this is it!

So I will be doing a nice long storage unit that will house video game console, games and tons of movies.

Fabrics and Accent Color-

Love these happy prints. I will be adding pillows for the couch and a few big floor pillows for those who like to lounge.

Ok, now this song is going to get stuck in your head… do you remember ABBA’s song “Waterloo”? Well guess what’s the name of my accent color?



You are going to find it popping up all through the reveal. This color just makes me happy, how about you?

The Tech Side –

Ok, so this is the other area we have gotten almost complete . I will go into more detail in a couple of weeks but this is the list of what we have installed.

All speakers are Polk Audio

  • Front:  265-RT (2)
  • Center channel:  255c-RT
  • Side speakers:  65-RT (2)
  • Ceiling speakers: MC80 (6)

Projector ceiling mount here

That will wrap this week up! Keep creating home my friend!

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