How To Upholster A Bar Stool DIY WK 7 ORC

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We are heading into the last week and I’ve got an easy tutorial for you! How to upholster a bar stool DIY is the project for today!

Can you believe we are down to the last days of the One Room Challenge? I sure can’t! The room is really coming together beautifully and this week was all about taking and inexpensive bar stool and upgrading with simple changes. Find out how to upholster a bar stool DIY, today.

You won’t believe how easy this project is!

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So excited for this reveal and so excited to share with you this easy barstool DIY tutorial. I was looking everywhere for just the right bar stools for this room but the lead times were not going to work. I found these bar stools on Amazon.

The shape was nice and clean and they arrived in time. Problem? I needed something will a little more glitz for this ode to the silver screen era when theaters were called movie palaces.

Easy to fix with new upholstery and a tub of antique gold Rub n Buff for this bar stool DIY!

Step 1 – Remove old fabric

You will need a staple removing tool specifically designed for upholstery. You can purchase at your local fabric or craft store.

*Please be careful when removing staples. The tool can slip and cause nasty cuts. First hand knowledge here.

Step 2 – Use the old fabric as a pattern

Once you carefully remove the fabric top, remove any extra stitching.

Pin the old fabric to the new fabric and cut.

With these stools, the corners were sewn to create a nice clean edge, easy to repeat with the new fabric.

Step 3 – Staple on new fabric

Begin in the middle of on each side and staple, gently pulling the fabric taught as you staple. Continue moving from side to side stapling and gently pulling making sure the fabric stays centered.

When you get to the corners, pinch and fold before stapling.

Finally add the backing liner from the original upholstery.

backside of upholster bar stool DIY

Step 4 – Change the bar stool frame color

Using one of my “go-to” favorites, Rub n Buff in Antique Gold change the color of the frame. A little goes and long way and I just use a paper towel to add a thin layer of the waxy miracle, buffing as you go. Hence, the name Rub n Buff.

Just another easy way to upgrade this bar stool DIY

closeup of gold painted legs in the upholster a bar stool tutorial
upholster bar stool project. barstool legs painted gold

Look how good the gold looks with the original seat… you could leave it at that if you would like.

Step 5 – Attach newly upholstered seat

Follow the instruction included with the stools.

upholster a bar stool finished product

Voila! New fabulous upholster bar stool DIY! Now to wrap up a few small projects and we will be ready for the reveal.

Don’t forget to head to the One Room Challenge website to see where everyone is at this point of the challenge. I am so looking forward to all the reveals!

Keep creating home my friends,

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