Media Room Design Reveal Week 8 One Room Challenge

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One blank room gets a fabulous makeover, it’s time for the One Room Challenge media room design reveal!

It’s that time! The grand finale, time for the media room design reveal! I gotta say, this one turned out swell.

Special thanks to Linda for creating this wonderful event called the One Room Challenge. A bi-annual event that consists of 6 to 8 weeks to complete an entire room. It’s all about community over competition. I jumped in back in 2015 with my pantry makeover but this great challenge has been going strong for 10 years! Thousands of rooms have been completed or updated over the years and if you head over the their website, you will love seeing all the gorgeousness.

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Let’s start with the before of this fun space. It was just an empty room with great potential.

Before image of media room

I pulled this look together but like all plans, sometimes they are just there as guidelines…

Design board for new media room update

then we added the most beautiful mural to the room. Even though it was a stunning mural, it kinda faded away in the room thanks to the lighter wall & ceiling paint.

Until now! Let’s take a look at this media room design reveal!

a little overview shot for you! I kept it pretty simple overall – it’s about the movies, right?

Let’s see a few closeups.

We added extra “dine-in” seating nestled behind the sectional. I reupholstered these affordable bar stools in a Crypton velvet perfect for accidental messes. I switched up the direction of the pattern to add a little more interest to the stools.

These nesting movie reel coffee tables are our favorite DIY project of this makeover.

These are the real thing, my husband’s dad was a professional projectionist back in the days where it took skill. He was very good at his job and would share stories of movie stars sitting up in the booth with him while he showed one of their movies…”The Duke” , John Wayne could be found often hanging out up there.

I wanted a spot for a few favorite snacks and a spot for popcorn.

This little bar cart was almost perfect, a little Rub n Buff made it a perfect match in the room and it holds oodles of goodies. See the gilded gum ball machine? That was a quick update from a few years ago, I’m thinking about spicing it up – will let you know if I do!

By the way, how gorgeous is the wall mural? I love how the color changes things and painting the walls in Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray was perfection in my book. The mural is from Photowall Sweden and it’s a honey. Read more details about this mural here.

Adding Waterloo by Sherwin Williams to the ceiling gave us character to the room without breaking the bank. Our backs, yes but not the bank! Ha,Ha.

We opted for a console from Ikea to house the game system (which is outdated but fun) and our collection of movies. In the future, I would like to add a small fridge and build it into the console area. We spray painted the legs gold for all that glitters.

I ended up changing my mind on the pillow fabric.

I started looking at both of the original picks and though they were gorgeous, I couldn’t get past 1) the price – for a media room that will be used by teens and 2) their intricacy.

So I started looking again and found a beautiful Crypton velvet that can handle the potential messes and a reasonably priced large graphic floral print. I’m so happy I went this direction.

FYI, the lumbar pillow was made from fabric and trim from my little leftover stash.

Look how the new sconce lighting casts the coolest shadows in the space. So much fun!

We have had the pleasure of breaking it in a little bit and it truly is a cozy media room.

BONUS: Plenty of space to stretch out on the floor too.

The paintable speakers were new to us and we are in love with them.

Like I shared on Instagram, I really think this maybe my favorite room to date. I know the family approves! Looking forward to many wonderful movies nights and fun college football games ahead!

Now, let’s head over the the One Room Challenge website to see all the reveals!! So much goodness, it will take me weeks to read through but boy will it be worth it! See you over there!

Keep creating home my friends,

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