ORC Week 2 Study Makeover Update

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The One Room Challenge isn’t as easy as it may look. Life happenstances can do a real number on limited days! The deadline is looming, let’s see where we are on the study makeover update. 


Ahoy! and welcome to the One Room Challenge Week 2 study makeover. As the title says… “We’ve Run Aground” in this study makeover update. 

Obviously you are not reading this post last Thursday… life (and health) got in the way this week. I deal with inflammation of the joints and this week was rough. Throw in a massive sinus infection, a daughter with sun poisoning (at college), a heartless warranty company and still putting the house contents back together after the water leak – I went into survival mode. A week can make a difference, the daughter is feeling much better, the warranty company thinks they will be here Monday to fix the issue (fingers crossed), the house is looking more like our home and I am able to breathe a bit better.  Having said all of that- I am fully aware of those who suffer from greater difficulty, and as I dealt with my week my prayers for others were strengthened. 


Let’s try this again… Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge! If you are new to The Aspiring Home – welcome! So glad you are here! We have made progress with the study.


one room challenge week 2 study makeover

The first step in this study makeover update was deciding the paint color for this slightly whimsical place.  

Benjamin Moore’s Winter Gates was the winner. I like how it blends with the rest of the home’s new color scheme.

Winter Gates will be the base color and we will be doing a treatment to mimic a riveted wall (week 3)!

Benjamin Moore's Winter Gates Paint Color
Benjamin Moore’s Winter Gates Paint Color


Week 2 brought the challenge of budget realities. Everything I dream up for this space (per the norm) needs to be done within the constraints of a budget.  Pool noodles, rubber washers, staking out Home Goods, perusing the hardware store and the addition of a lot of labor will make this happen.  😉    IF the pool noodle idea works as I hope… let us just say I will be doing a jig around here.

Taking a few pages from the book I discovered a few things…

page of book study makeover update
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I will obviously not have 12,000 volumes but we do a few.  The dark bookcases will have details added and lighting… I have some thoughts on how to pull it off.  I will not be going with maroon leather – I am thinking more of a cognac color but we will see.


page of book study makeover update
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I giggled that the thirty paintings did not include Impressionists, of course.  

We will be bringing in a few lovely paintings in gold “ornate” frames. To save some cash – I will be sewing the drapery needed to create such refinement. I am thinking of an inky blue…

As we put the home back together (dang leak) – I have been scouring closets for forgotten items that I can use in this room to keep the budget healthy. Oh! I did score some fantastic finds at Home Goods and will share in week 3 their transformations.

Pulling up anchor now – gotta move into deeper waters.  I will see you all next Thursday! In the meantime – check out the featured designers’ updates and the linking participants! I have my eye on one or two or 100… such talent!




’til Later,


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