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“Spring Into Your Dream Home” will take a look at new model homes and separate the structure from the pretty. Sometimes a great interior design plan can mask a troubled home. Sometimes a great home plan can be underplayed by the interior design plan. Sometimes the home plan and interior design plan play in harmony and you get perfection.



Today we take a look at Toll Brothers Home Builder. My friend and I were soaking up the sun and the gorgeous design of the Venetian Manor model. This home has a grand feeling without being pretentious.

Please note: I will be adding photos from the Toll Brothers website since my iPhone photos can not do complete justice to this home. Click on the pictures for more details about Toll Brothers. 

Toll Brothers Venetian Manor Model www.tollbrothers.com
Toll Brothers Venetian Manor Model www.tollbrothers.com

This home has MAJOR Curb appeal. I couldn’t wait to discover which room was lucky enough to open up onto the balcony.

TIP: Landscape does not need to feel overwhelming. Simple stacked stone gardens filled with reasonable priced hearty foliage and flowers is much more pleasing and require less headache and frustration. Which will  leave you more time to enjoy what you really want to do…. like  relaxing on the balcony!

Love fabulous doors!


TIP: We all want to convey a “Welcoming” atmosphere for family and friends. Choose a gorgeous door to create show stopping detail. This is especially important if your porch is on the smaller side or non-existent. Sometimes adding wall art and heavy furniture pieces will create a cluttered mess instead of a welcoming vibe.

As my friend and I opened the gorgeous doors, we were welcomed by a sweeping staircase and hints of family life beyond the entry.

Toll Brothers Venetian Model www.tollbrothers.com
Sweeping Staircase in the Venetian Model (website pic) www.tollbrothers.com

TIP: Using large art pieces in the entry allow the detail of the home to shine. Using a lighter flooring brings emphasis to the grand staircase and elongates.


The study is generous in size and the designers kept the focus subdued. I would love to work in this space!

TIP: Built-in unit out of budget? The designers cleverly created oversized shadow boxes. You can recreate by using plank lumber – don’t forget to secure!


As we make our way to the family room we pass this lovely dining room… How gorgeous in that window? The dining room looks out onto the motor court area. I caught myself dreaming up a scenario where the window was actually french doors that led out to the motor court. The motor court had large string lights draped from end to end and my guests walked out to hear beautiful music and discover a dance floor ready for their use. Candle lit small tables and couches for conversation… what a party! Ok, sorry friends… back to layout.

Across from the dining room you will find a small hallway and a surprise! Toll Brothers utilized the “under the stairs” space brilliantly. Check this out…


Ample room for entertaining and if you do not partake, this room would be wonderful to have your appetizers ready for guests,use it as extra prep space.

TollBrothers Venetian Model family room
www.tollbrothers.com (website pic)
Toll Brothers Venetian Model
www.tollbrothers.com (website pic)

Love the attention to detail Toll Brothers give to their homes.  The beams on the ceiling are swoon worthy.

TIP: With rooms that “carry their own weight” such as this one. Use sheers to add softness without competing with the home’s structural details.

I am really happy with the way builders are melding kitchens with the family areas. Home should be where we reboot and reconnect.  This type of atmosphere – does just that.


Let’s head upstairs…


The Venetian Model has a dedicated media room with ample space to have an impromptu sing a long if you will. Toll Brothers created a special space for all your tech equipment – again details.

TIP: Any room can be turned into a media room! Keep the decor simple and the focus on the films.

Toll Brothers Venetian Model Game Room
Venetian Model Game Room www.tollbrothers.com

The game room lends ample space to host a ton of teens or do kart wheels in your spare time.  I love that they really thought about designing enough square footage to create true gaming areas – nicely done.

Hello secondary bedroom with the balcony…


TIP: Wanna a bit more modern take on the shiplap craze? Use wide planks with a 2.5 inch space in between.


I think I would sneak out here every chance I got…until the brutal heat took over,

Touring the Venetian Model was such a happy experience. The “bones” and the “pretty” work well together.

Out of the model homes we have visited thus far- the Toll Brothers staff were amongst the kindest and most genuine which speaks highly of the builder in my opinion. See this beautiful home for yourself! There are many more details that I really encourage you to discover personally.

Give a shout out to the sales manager, Scott Stewart ([email protected] or the sales associate, Kristin Macias ([email protected]).

Till Later,


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