$100 Room Challenge – Bedroom Refresh Week 2


Sleeves are rolled up and it has been busy. $100 Room challenge is seriously fun business as we jump further into the bedroom refresh week 2.


Hello! How is your January shaping up? Ours is ramping up now that school is back in session. We are officially in the 2nd week of the $100 Room Challenge and it’s been a little slow go. Trying to refresh a room on a small budget is no easy task, doable but not easy.  So what’s the progress on the Bedroom Refresh week 2? Read on…

I could have redone our daughter’s room when she took off for college but there was a part of me not completely ready for her to grow up. Of course, I am all about giving our children roots and wings. My greatest hope is that my children grow into adults who are ready to make their own way in this world. Who are contributors to all that is good and strong contesters and fighters to all that is not.

On the path to adulthood, sometimes you have to regroup and figure out the next steps. This room will serve that purpose, a place to regroup, save money and find the purpose to move forward… plus it will be that much closer to being a guest room. Ha. Laying all jokes aside, the moment I said I do- my mom had my dad bust out my room to enlarge her formal dining.

 So, now the joke is, I finally have the chance to eat in my room and I’m not going to get into trouble. Ha!

I honestly would have done the same if I saw the chance to create a new space that would mean the whole growing family could sit together with good food and good conversations.

Last week I shared the room’s before picture and my high hopes for the refreshed after. I “shopped” my house and grabbed two chairs that will be getting a chalk paint treatment. Yep, I am jumping on the painted fabric bandwagon. Seriously, for 2 jars of paint on sale ($12.60 for two), I can have a newish chair in the perfect color for the room!

These chairs were a bargain 23 years ago- I bought 4 of them at a bankruptcy sale for $25 each. 18 years ago I had them reupholstered (added skirting to make them less office chair like)when we living in Huntington Beach. They are still some of the comfiest chairs we have owned. I will reupholster all 4 eventually but for now, chalk paint is the answer.


As I shared, the mural wall will stay a little longer, but the bamboo trim will be sanded and bleached.


The grasscloth will be a little more subdued in color. I am going to do a mix of soft neutrals in a whitewash technique.

The ceiling has the first coat up and boy, does the room feel bigger! When we originally “designed” this room I gave my daughter freedom to make choices. She wanted the whole room painted the darker color to resemble a tiki hut and from the daybed, it would feel like she was looking out on just another day in paradise. It was a fun idea that lasted 12 years.


Week 3 should bring even more changes…I hope. Funny how when you decide to do a big project or room makeover, every area of life gets really busy (good busy, but busy)? I guess that is why it’s called a challenge, huh?


Have fun perusing week 2 of my friends’ projects! All the links are below.

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  1. It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint can change a room. I’m excited to see this room when it’s done. I have two girls who are semi-out-of-the-house but they visit often. One of these days I’m going to have to remodel their bedrooms for guests but not yet. I’m sure I’ll get lots of idea from this challenge.

  2. I can’t wait to see how the painted chairs turn out! I have a piece that I’m thinking to try this with but I’m a little nervous about it.

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