Simple Game Room Closet Organization Tips


Game room closet organization can be achieved with a few simple steps. The chaos does not have to overtake the board game fun!


Howdy Friends!

Well, the time has come. It’s week 4 of the “No Place Like Home” Declutter challenge! Time has certainly flown- can you believe we are staring February in the face?

*This post was originally published two years ago and guess what? It’s time to readdress the clutter around here, Ha! So, I thought, maybe you might need a little encouragement as well. 


So where are we decluttering today? The game room closet has been tagged as an under -utilized mess.  A bit of hazard zone yellow tape is in order… not kidding.

The beauty of closets, as we all know, is that the contents can magically disappear all by shutting the door. This is ideal if you didn’t have to open the closet door. ever. again. Once we open the door and peer inside – the magic quickly dissipates and we are now staring down a nightmare of a disorganization and pure sadness. A messy closet can cause sunshine to become rain especially if you have to take EVERYTHING OUT to find the one item you really, really need and it may or may not be in that particular closet.  Yep, been there a time or two, or three. Who’s counting?!? Not me! Ahem.

gameroomclosetheaderBack to the matter at hand, the game room closet. Here are the ugly before pictures. Technically I should get one star for 99 percent of the items falling in the “game room” closet genre.  That’s about all this closet has going for it and since I don’t really go for the whole participation trophy or star thing anyway, time to make a few changes.

Screenshot 2017-01-26 18.11.31

game room closet organization The Aspiring Home

 here we go… my messy closet.

Step 1

Remove anything unrelated to the gamer and media room. Such as the thousand papers corralled in holders at the top- those are my son’s “best” work from kindergarten on. Really need to cull through those stacks. Guess what my next small project will be?


We are in process of moving all the movies into a consolidated organized system.

 Step 2

Time to remove all the empties and that Christmas tree stand I couldn’t find, YIKES!


Obviously games are included in the game room closet.

Step 3

Remove any games that are missing pieces.

Step 4

Pull out games that are “too young” for our family but are still sentimental.

Step 5

Give away great games that are no longer interesting.

Screenshot 2017-01-26 18.12.02

So, So, So much better! Hey look! You can see the carpet! You know what that means?!? It can be vacuumed! Woo Hoo!


See those little round dots on the walls? Well that is where I attempted to add light to this closet. Yeah, love the stick on battery operated lights but they just could not throw enough light on the space.


Now that the closet is organized, we can look into a better lighting solutions. I have a couple of ideas and will share them with you once we figure it out.


A few labels made their way onto the shelves. 🙂







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  1. Hey Joy, I did this very same thing last year. A little bittersweet getting rid of all those little kid games, wasn’t it? But i know you are so much happier having this space organized! And don’t you love it when you find something you’ve been looking for !

    Thanks for the great encouragement.

    Hugs, Lynn

  2. Hi Joy,

    I did something similar last year as well. It was finally time to get rid of all those little kid games. It was bittersweet! It made a huge difference in our game closet as now we can actually find the games we are looking for. Before it was a hot mess and we could never find anything.

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