2024 KBIS Designhounds Signature Kitchen Suite Tour

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Come along as we continue sharing all about our sponsors for the 2024 KBIS Designhounds Signature Kitchen Suite tour.

Signature Kitchen Suite was one of the official sponsors of the 2024 KBIS Designhounds Influencer Tour. We had the opportunity to see and hear first hand some of the latest product offerings. Many thanks to the team for hosting us in such a beautiful way.

Who is Signature Kitchen Suite?

Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS)is a luxury brand that incorporates the latest innovations to help busy families gather again around the table.

The power of the kitchen table on the well being of the family is undeniable and with SKS new speed oven this everyday event becomes a reality.

What’s a speed oven?

Have you heard of this new tech? It’s pretty fascinating . It’s a hybrid secret weapon for meal time. Convection, microwave, air fry with auto cook function all wrapped up transitional style beauty.

What I love about it is that is pairs nicely with their wall oven and gives you the opportunity to have the dreamy double wall oven look that so many hope for. The speed oven can also be installed under counter – making placement that much easier.

Click the link under the picture to read more about this phenomenal product.

Have you heard of Sous Vide cooking?

Sous Vide cooking is gaining popularity with home cooks across the country and thanks to SKS – it’s easier than ever to incorporate this type of cooking into your recipes rotations.

Sous Vide uses vacuum sealing food and cooking with an immersion circulator. Water circulates around the food container at an extremely precise temperature. The sealed bag allows the food to cook in its own juices, providing restaurant quality meals.

SKS has created the very first range top to market with sous vide cooking along with 4 gas burners and two-zoned induction cooking.

Ready to learn what else makes Signature Kitchen Suite the right company for your kitchen update?

SKS has everything to make working in your kitchen a pure dream. How about a 36 inch counter depth french door fridge with the ability to make craft ice? All the SKS fridges come with the latest preservation technology.

Microwaves, cooktops, wine columns, dishwashers all designed in the most stylish ways with the latest tech including wifi capabilities are ready to bring your kitchen into the viable heart of the home.

Find your local showroom here and learn first hand how Signature Kitchen Suite can make cooking simple and fun!

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