Simple Update: Paint Curtain Finials with Fingernail Polish!

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That’s right paint curtain finials with fingernail polish! Dress up your curtain finials and get a new look with a beauty basic. This tutorial is an easy way to update or tie in the mismatched.

Hello! This is one of those “A-ha” moments. I was standing staring at the curtain finials in a department store. Nothing made me happy. Nothing. Especially the price, I had just completed 10 pinch pleat curtain panels that I had made from painter drop cloths for our morning room. I chose drop cloth because I wanted to stay on budget and I wanted pinch pleat curtains. Feeling let down by the selection in front of me, I turned around to see an end cap with several finials on clearance. My brain started moving through the “what ifs” and the “A-ha” moment happened – I could paint curtain finials with fingernail polish!

I grabbed the clearance finials and made my way to the checkout. As I stood in line, I thought, “Why not try fingernail polish?” There are no rules to say it won’t work… at least, I hadn’t heard of any.

Of course, that last statement usually leads me to greatness or garbage, ha!

But why not try? Right?

Paint curtain finials with fingernail polish

The idea worked and I love how they turned out!

It only took an hour to complete and they are unique without being in your face, you know what I mean? Understated brilliance! I had the fingernail polishes already and I have always loved them – they remind me of peacock feathers.

I treated the finials just like I would treat my nails.

Apply several thin coats and build up. I alternated the two polishes to get a mix of colors that changes as the light hits the finials.

Once the finials were completely dry, I added them to my curtain rods.

TA-DA!!! Easy Peasy update! You can use any color that fits your fancy – and polish for the most part is super inexpensive and pretty forgiving on the finials. I painted  6 finials and still have plenty of polish left to adorn my nails.

Don’t you love simple cheap updates? You know I do!

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