1 Shower Curtain-5 Easy Projects!


Dorm room decor can get expensive quick! How about making 5 easy projects from 1 shower curtain?

Today is a fun and frugal project. We moved the second kiddo into college life last week and if you have had this pleasure- you know how quick the cashola starts adding up. It is like setting up a second household. While shopping for inspiration, my daughter and I came across this shower curtain at World Market….

shower curtain becomes five easy projects

The colors and pattern were perfect for the look my daughter was hoping for. After grabbing a few cool lanterns and accessories- we dubbed the coming design “I Dream of Jeanie”. 🙂

Out of a 72×72 inch fabric shower curtain I was able to make: 1 Window Valance, 1 Bed Scarf, 1 Curtain Tie Back, 1 15 x15 inch pillow, and 1 table or deskchair scarf!

Let’s get started, shall we…

The first item

I cut out of the shower curtain was the bed scarf. I used the bottom of the shower curtain as my bed scarf- I measured out 20 inches and made my cut. So my Bed Scarf at this point is 20x 72. I finished off the edge by slightly turning in the edge and sewing- if you have a serger- use it. I then made a 3 inch hem which matched the factory hem of the shower curtain.

The second item

I cut was the 15×15 pillow. My insert was actually 16×16 and I bought it at Walmart. The difference between making the bed scarf and a pillow- I had to cut lining for the pillow. The shower curtain was a bit sheer to stand on its own. I grabbed leftover plain off-white fabric. I cut a total of four 15.5 x 15.5 inch squares. I sewed the print fabric to the plain fabric to create two 15.5 x 15.5 inch squares. Next step is to sew the two squares together – leaving the bottom open to insert the pillow form. Once I inserted the pillow form I folded the raw edges in and pinned the seam closed. Final step… sew the bottom opening shut.

The third item

I cut was the curtain tie back. I cut a piece of fabric which measured 6 x 24 inches. Again, I made a backing out of the plain fabric for the tie back.

The fourth item

I created was the Window Valance. I measured from the top of the shower curtain down this time. I wanted to keep the area where shower hooks would normally go. I measured and cut a piece that measured 22 x 72 inches. I did not line the valance because I wanted to keep the sheer feeling. I sewed a two inch hem in the bottom and that was it!

The fifth item

I created was a deskchair or table scarf. Ok, I will be honest… I do not have a measurement for this item. It was the last of the fabric and I just put a hem in it. By the time I created this- it was midnight and I was in an almost zombie state. I KNOW you have been there… We used it on a little table to bring that wonderful pattern to the opposite side of the room.
There you have it- 5 projects out of 1 shower curtain (find it here)! 5 dorm room projects for $29.99!

and.. if you would like to add this really cute pom pom swag to a set of curtains – it would only take a few hours!

Till Later,

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  1. Oh my goodness! I bet she has one of the coolest rooms on her floor! I can’t believe you got 5 projects out of that shower curtain! That is a lot of bang for your buck!

    1. Thank you my friend! She ended up taking the pieces with her to a summer camp counselor job and the girls there loved the projects as well! 🙂

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