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Turn an ordinary generic nightstand into a painted mirror mosaic beauty in just a few easy steps. Find all the do”s and don’ts here.


MirrornightstandredoThis mirrored nightstand was 10 years in the making.  Let me explain… picture it- I am overjoyed at the fact that we were redoing our oldest daughter’s room out in Cali, the room was the original master and I had a fantastic idea!

Why not take the massive closet with the ginormous sliding mirror doors and turn it into TWO closets! and… while we are at it- why not make them completely separate from each other with beautiful louvered closet doors?  Being the type of person I am, I had grand plans for the ginormous mirrored sliding doors as well… didn’t have a clue what that plan was BUT I knew I had to keep them intact.

I was so stinking proud of myself, I was really thinking out of the box. Ha! All went according to plan for about 5 seconds…. Yes, you guessed it. The ginormous mirrored doors fell, shattering into pieces.  Fortunately, no one was hurt and the mirror shards made their way into a heavy-duty cardboard box.


mirror nightstand redo6


Flash forward 6 months…. we received the news that a move would be taking place and back to Texas we went – mirror shard box and all.

Let’s now move forward 10 years… the hubby is cleaning up the attic and came across my cardboard box of mirror shards. A challenge was put forth – I had to do something creative with the mirror or it was going to the dumpster.  Challenge accepted mister.

I have been updating my middle daughter’s bedroom slowly. Much too slowly. She has a great nightstand that needed a pick me up, the mirror would be a fun accent… I thought.


mirror nightstand update5

Now let me tell you, my methods of achieving the nightstand makeover are wrong. In fact, I did everything and I mean EVERYTHING against the rules. The whole project kinda stayed in the same vein as when I accidentally shattered the mirror in the first place.

Having warned you- I must say that even though I totally went rogue on this project- I learned a lesson (and I know I went rogue because I do know how to tile, lol, really I do).

I learned that sometimes you fail due to not being prepared and sometimes… you succeed in spite of yourself. Here’s to success in spite of me!


mirror nightstand redo12

See? not too bad right? Let me show how I “accomplished” this beauty…

Supplies **

  • Paint (if you want or need to paint your furniture piece)
  • Gorilla glue – now Gorilla glue has come out with a new clear, non-foaming concoction! 
  • Grout – in your preferred color
  • Mirror shards
  • Cleaning supplies and a cleaning sponge

Step 1 – Decide on the layout of the mirror pieces. If the mirror shards need to be smaller, use a mirror cutter ($6 at Hardware store). Use an appropriate adhesive such as liquid nails to attach pieces in your desired pattern.

What I did… “Hey, look that piece just about fits… let me grab my pliers and take off the end. Ok… that doesn’t look too bad. The slightly primitive look will lend character. I recite this throughout the process by the way.


mirror nightstand redo3


Oops- out of liquid nails… Gorilla Super Glue, that should work, I thought. Nope, it EXPANDED – YIKES! I had to break out the cheap tweezers and pick away. UPDATE! Gorilla Glue has now come out with a fabulous new update- clear glue that DOES NOT FOAM!! **

Step 2 – Allow the adhesive to dry. Next, start the grouting process using a non-sanded grout. Follow instructions on the grout container.

What I did… I asked my hubby to pick up grout on his way home from work. I didn’t specify how definite I was on non-sanded grout, at least the color was right.

mirror nightstand redo2                  mirror nightstand redo8

Finally, after tons of buffing and wearing out a few non-scratch sponges and going through a bottle of homemade glass cleaner… I ended up with this.

mirror nightstand redo10

Hubby and I both won the challenge I updated a nightstand and I let him throw away the extra mirror shards.

So to recap…



nightstand makeover5





Pin the Pinterest pin for this post- you know in case …you want to try it… someday. Perhaps I am not the only one with 10 plus-year-old mirror shards hanging out in the attic. 🙂

DIY Mirror nightstand

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