My Top Designhounds 5 Favorite Finds KBIS 2024

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Ready to see what I found this year? These are pretty spiffy my friends, read on to see my top 5 favorite finds Design Hounds.

Joy Maier The Aspiring Home Interiors top 5 favorite finds KBIS Designhounds

Ready to see my top Designhounds 5 favorite finds? Let’s Go!

Favorite Find No. 1 – LaCornue Flamberge Rotisserie

This 30” square beauty stopped me in my tracks. Not only is it good-looking and will give you a chef-inspired kitchen but it is easy to use. 

And guess what?

You don’t have to have a new build kitchen or completely rip out your old kitchen. This rotisserie does not require a flue and can be incorporated into your kitchen cabinetry. 

It is crafted from cast iron and steel so you know this little kitchen helper is in it for the long haul. 

sourced from : LaCornue website

It contains a powerful gas burner with 3 motorized spits. Because of its vaulted design, the synthetic wicks pull the heat upwards.  This allows for gently smokeless cooking. 

Special thanks to Kahala Titcomb with LaCornue and Melissa Caster @middlebymel for sharing the details of what makes this appliance perfect for today’s busy kitchen. Learn more about this gorgeous product by visiting the LaCornue website.

Favorite Find No. 2 – Qoldfusion walk-in pantry! 

I fell head over heels with the beautiful design and cutting edge technology and so did my friend, Julie Anne Baur of Winding Lane Interiors.

Click here to watch the Instagram video as the creator of the high tech kitchen wonder explains what makes @qoldfusion so different. 

This isn’t a dressed up version of an old school commercial walk-in fridge labeled for residential use.  Nope.

The Qoldfusion team redesigned from the ground up WITH homeowners needs in mind. 

This showstopper will not only be a conversation piece for family and friends – it keeps food preserved longer which means cost savings and having fresh food readily available helps keep your family healthier. 

Qoldfusion offers 3 models to choose from and those models can be customize to fit the homeowner’s needs. 

No wonder this product was a Best of KBIS finalist! 

Learn more about this breakthrough product at

Favorite Find No. 3 – Homi Hardware

Megan Aycock is the mastermind behind this clever upgrade and the @homihardware company. 

Crafted from solid metal alloys, these products are made to last and they are designed to fit a wide range of models. 

I thought it was such a beautiful, cost effective, and ingenious way to upgrade your refrigerator.  

Find more about this fast growing company, Homi Hardware at Homi 

Favorite Find No. 4 – Bravatio Vanity

Number four on my list for the Designhounds Favorite Finds in partnership with KBIS is…

The Bravatio vanity by Whalen furniture !

One of the reason I love going to KBIS is for the technology. Technology that shows up in different price points in quality product lines. See the video from my Instagram post here.

As you will hear in the video, this vanity is not real wood. It’s made from a paper veneer formula that wears like wood! 

All the beauty at a price point that allows first -time homeowners, house flippers, and homeowners trying to stretch the budget the opportunity to install stylish options that don’t break the bank. 

I also loved the thoughtfulness in creating storage options within this “ready to install” beauty. 

Find out more about Whalen furniture at

Favorite Find No. 5 – Forno Venetzia Pizza Ovens

One of my favorite past times is cooking for family and friends.  I learned this gift of love and togetherness from my grandmother who we called Mau Mau and my momma. 

Something incredible happens when family and friends gather to partake of a meal made with love. Recipes handed down through the generations followed to the teaspoon, new takes on old favorites, and recipes that stretch our skills while broadening our palettes all make for wonderful lovely memories and happy tummies. 

I was delighted to find Forno Venetzia and their line of pizza ovens. They take the complications out of cooking with fire. 

It’s simple to incorporate a pizza oven into your weekly meal prep. These outdoor ovens can take on everything from appetizers to desserts! 

Grab your cast iron cookware, friends! 

Their design results in optimal heat retention which helps achieve consistent cooking temperatures for roasting and baking. 

Coming this summer- brand new color options will be available including the vibrant yellow you see in my photos. 

*Side note, the timing of finding a vivid yellow pizza oven in all of the mammoth KBIS show was to me, a little wink. 

The day I discovered Forno Venetzia was the day that marked 2 years after my dad passed away unexpectedly.  He loved his family dearly. When he would visit, he would sit outside in the outdoor kitchen area and talk. I would tell him of my big plans to add a pizza oven one day and we would talk about turkey fryers and the sort. 

Our talks would normally begin with that or cars. 😂

Yellow was his favorite color, even his 1968 Roadrunner was yellow.

Since his last visit, we moved to a new city and have been waiting on building an outdoor kitchen. Seeing this product line in general and now knowing that it will soon come in yellow well, I went home and started to design the backyard… I think I was meant to find this outdoor wonder. 

And I think once you see you may need to incorporate a user friendly pizza oven into your backyard oasis. 

I feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to be a KBIS Designhounds influencer and support amazing companies by picking my top Design Hounds 5 favorite finds. I hope you find these products and their stories just as inspiring.

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Until later, keep creating home my friends!

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