Four of the Latest Trends From KBIS 2024

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What a complete honor it was to be at this year’s Kitchen and Bath International Show in Las Vegas. I had the incredible opportunity to attend as an official Designhound! Part of our duties included picking our top 5 favorite products from the show, attending private tours and educational pieces about innovations and quality companies from around the world. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more on these subjects but today’s post is wrapped around the latest trends from KBIS 2024.

Let’s Go!

COLOR! “Kitchen and Baths just wanna have fun!”

Are you now singing? Customization was KEY this year. Intense vibrant color options were available from many vendors. We have seen fun color trends in the past by some of the bigger more well-known brands but this year bold color choices were available everywhere!

We have heard for years and YEARS the same phrase. As designers, part of our job is to make our clients very AWARE of this phrase… “Is it good for resale value?”. While this phrase is still a good one to follow, we are seeing a big move to stay in our homes a bit longer. Several factors are going into this decision and I think we need another post to really dig in but staying put is allowing homeowners to open up to making the house their home.

And you know around here, “making a house a home” is the matra. We are embracing what makes us feel at peace, feel comforted, feel happy, feel at home. HOORAY! is what I say.

Appliances and fixtures were not the only things showing up in high-definition color, cabinetry trends were not to be outdone! Intense shades in high gloss were prevalent in kitchen settings by several brands.

Carved Stone! This is the episode where the Flintstones meet the Jetsons.

Natural stone and created stone surfaces are getting high-tech makeovers. The cold hard edges we associate with stone products are waving bye-bye this is thanks to a variety of new carving tools including water-jet. We have seen beautiful tiles created with water-jet technology, and intricate mosaics in marble are swoon-worthy. Now let’s see how this tech translates into bigger subjects.


Wellness! As in “Put your oxygen mask on first, then help others with theirs”

Taking care of our well being isnt a new concept. All through history we can take note on different methods of self care. Some helpful, others want to make you slap your forehead in disbelief. Fast forward to today and the wellness ideas and procedures that have stood the test of time are not only better but easier to incorporate into everyday living.

We used to have to make appointments at a spa for holistice approaches to health, now we can just step into our bathrooms thanks to companies on the cutting of edge of wellness.

Steam showers with light therapy, tubs that allow you to fully immerse, infrared and steam saunas built to tuck into a home’s new build or an existing home’s redesign. These items are also coming in at price points ready for consumers.

Bottom line, it’s time to take our health and well-being seriously and doing so will allow us to live longer more fruitful lives and step in supporting roles for others who need help without depleting ourselves. Sieze the day friends and take care of yourself!

Vintage Inspired! Never forget where you come from, darling

It was fascinating and refreshing that much of the tech at the KBIS 2024 show was balanced with the vintage solid design.

Faucets, Moen’s Smyth Collection in particular paid homage to the past by drawing on inspiration from archtectural drawing found on a discovery trip to the Cleveland public library.

Design Bites – Moen Smyth Collection Introduction
Moen Smyth Collection Faucet source-

There is so much more to unpack from this year’s show and we will do so over the next few weeks. I want to especially thank the Kitchen and Bath International Show and the Design Hounds who is the official designer/influencer tour for the opportunity I had to see this incredible show in a up and close personal way.

Be sure to follow KBIS and the Design Hounds on Instagram for all the latest

and keep creating home my friends!

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