A Look Back at the Year 2023


Great milestones occurred this year, like every year- it was its own story.

2023…year of incredible memories, epic milestones, and sweet reunions!

a look back at the year 2023 and the aspiring home

Here are a few-

  •   The youngest of my three, graduated high school
  •   We became empty nesters
  •   Traveled to Las Vegas (KBIS and market) to New York (IDS conference) to High Point (market) to Round Top (off season vintage hunting)
  •   Joined the incredible IDS DFW board as the communications chair.
  • Did my first Instagram takeover…ever and it was during the Fall 23 High Point Market -thanks to the wonderful staff of the Interior Design Society.
  • Won the Reader’s Choice RED Award for bathrooms
  •   Won the IDS $30,000 & under bedroom award
  •   Open MOOR Curated decor shop with Melanie Rosenburg (@mash.habitat.interiors)
  •   Attended weddings of dear friends
  •   Reunited with dear long time friends
  •   Worked with some of the most amazing clients
  •   Met a ton of new friends
  •   Refreshed logo and new website
  •   Became a GiGi to the most gorgeous brilliant grandchild (yes she is the first!)
  •   and so much more!

A lot of good happened this year and a few things that were tough to walk through. I am choosing to focus on the good, better, and best of 2023. My word for 2023 after reminiscing was RELEASE.

The dictionary describes the word release as:




  1. 1. allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.”
  2. 2. allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.”she released his arm and pushed him aside”

This year I found the strength in letting go of stuff I had no control over. The fortitude to speak peace to situations that had really stunted my personal growth and move on. To quit trying to make sense of things and find answers to better understand others actions and just “let it be”.

You know what else I realized? That as much as I learned the power of release…I had to keep relearning it because those things that hurt so deeply had developed roots of insecurity and just like pesky weeds in the garden, some roots are a beast to pull up. It takes time and concerted effort but they will come loose. So I have also learned this year to give myself grace. The same amount of grace that I so willingly give others, I am also trying to give myself. It has been a game changer my friends.

Thank you for your support and belief in me (& The Aspiring Home). Excited for the adventures ahead in 2024!

Let’s keep creating home, together!

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