How Many Pillows To Make Your Bed

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Ever wondered? Just how many pillows to make your bed? Let’s talk about it!

Every month, I answer on my Instagram account a design question. This month I chose to answer one about bed pillows and how many pillows to make your bed.

how many pillows to make the bed design tips from the Aspiring Home Interiors

And here’s what I said:

Short Answer: As many as your heart desires

Longer Answer: Although this is a personal preference situation, practicality should be considered.  

What do I mean when I say practicality should be considered? This is where we have to look past the magazine pictures and the “rules” routine and go with… “Will I put ALL of these pillows on the bed EVERY SINGLE DAY? “

If you are obsessed with pillows and nothing makes you happier than loading the bed up and you find the emotion of such action similar to the caffeine rush of early morning coffee – then enjoy my friend. 

If you love a beautiful bed but you literally start moving in a million directions when your feet hit the floor and your priority is to get it done fast and checked off – then a simple arrangement is best. You may LOVE all the extras but you know in your heart it would lead to more frustration because your reality means those amazing gorgeous pillows will live on the floor 6 days a week instead of donning your bed. 

The pile on theory: volume first then details 

The strategic theory: details over volume

Either theory is beauty in the eye of the beholder. 

 Now what if you opt for the second part of the longer answer?

How do you know the number of pillows that will give you a “designed” look but keep it simple for actual every day bed making? Here’s an answer for you my friend.

Twin size bed –

Twin Bed options for how many pillows to make a bed  Design tips from the Aspiring Home Interiors

This is a great sanity saving idea for rooms with littles or tweens. Creating a situation that will encourage good bed making habits while children are young will help them as they grow into teens and as responsibilities increase at home and in the classroom.

Full size bed-

Full bed options for how many pillows to add to the bed. Design tips by the Aspiring Home Interiors

Full beds are a great option for rooms that pull double duty such as an office or study. They also work great for teen rooms. A bit more space for the growing soon to be adult child while still keeping space for a desk or in my son’s case – gaming.

As a guest room, this simple pillow arrangement allows you to be guest-ready in minutes.

Queen size bed –

Queen beds are highly popular in primary bedroom and larger guest rooms. Primary bedrooms are a great place to up your pillow game if it fits within your lifestyle but if not, this minimal approach is beautiful with the right mix of pattern and texture.

King size bed-

Gone are the days of “just a king bed”. Did you know that there are at least 7 options that claim the title of king (76″x 80″)?

  • California king (72″x 84″)
  • Wyoming king (84″x 84″)
  • Texas king (98″ x 80″)
  • Alberta king (96″x 96″)
  • Extra Wide king (108″ x 80″)
  • Alaskan king (108″x 108″)
  • Super wide king (120″ x 80″)

Pretty fascinating, huh? Basically you can customize the size to fit the space. Going bigger however, creates its own set of challenges from finding the linens to fit to physically making the bed.

The same simplified concept will work here – the minimal approach is basically a three, two, one formula. King sham standard is 36″ x 20″ and a Euro sham is 26″ x 26″.

In this day and age of busy, most long for the beautiful things that can be simply executed and hopefully this little guide will help you achieve the look you want in a realistic daily executable way.

Maybe we should continue this talk of making the bed, so many more elements go into creating this little haven of rest and rejuvenation. What do you think?

Until next time keep creating home my friends,

How many pillows to make the bed
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How many pillows to make the bed
Ever wondered? Just how many pillows to make your bed? Let's talk about it in this post. The answer may surprise you!
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