Small Home Gym Design – Back To The Beginning



The small home gym design is back in the priority list to finish. This project has been in stall mode for WAY too long. The idea to create a home gym was a noble one, kinda like buying the Norditrack 20 years ago. Like the hope of really using the Norditrack for more than a clothe valet, the home gym has housed a ton of “stuff” that is in transit. The “stuff” from events to the “stuff” that needs to head to new homes or recycled.

This project reminds me of some of our 6 week challenge projects like the foyer (small space) or the backyard makeover (lots of little projects).

 First, let’s revisit the space.

The space we are working with is a nice little rectangle. One of the short walls is mostly window and the whole house water softening system. The other short wall has three small windows and the two long walls are blank slates.



Second, let’s dream up a color scheme.

I wanted the gym to feel a little industrial chic meets old school glam. So, my first design was more of the industrial chic and I really like it but now that I have had time to dream a little more and to keep with the rest of the home’s style – I really really wanted to push the design a bit more and merge a bit more glam for fun.

So here is the first design inspiration:


So far, the gym favors this design in real life but it needs a bit more character. So, I put together another inspirational idea board.


The second design inspiration:


This design has a bit more modern feel to it and I really dig it but it still doesn’t have quite the character I am desiring. If we merge the two and add a little different oomph…


And the two designs merged:



Now, this is getting closer!!

I am so excited to finish up this space. It should take us three weeks to bring it all together for the final reveal. Hit the subscribe button in the sidebar so you don’t miss the updates! I will be sharing often on the progress here and on Instagram stories – so come follow there! Click here to follow me on Instagram 



Till Later friends! Keep doing those situps!




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