Wisdom From Real Moms To Make Back To School Easier

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Here are a few back to school words of wisdom, tips and tricks, from those who know, to make this school year run a little smoother – no matter how old  or young your little ones are.

It’s that time of year! When three prong, two pocket folders become so rare that they are on the verge of the black market, the eternal struggle between liquid school glue and glue sticks commences (especially when the store is out of glue sticks!) Whether it is the first day ever of school or the last first day of senior year. The emotional roller coaster doesn’t stop at senior year…nope then we have college. What better way to start this season off than with some good old-fashioned back to school words of wisdom, tips and tricks to help. 



back to school wisdom, tips and tricks


I asked the following questions to friends:

  1. What do you wish someone had shared with you?

  2. If you could go back in time – what would you tell yourself or your kids at the elementary, middle, high or college?

  3. If you could do something different- would you and what would you do?

And here are some very profound answers. I thought separating the thoughts into groupings would be the way to go but in all honesty most of this advice can be applied to any phase.

Allow yourself some grace. The lunches don’t need to be Pinteresting-food is a need, it’s not a requirement that they are “cutesy” for your child to be happy. Don’t kill yourself volunteering for every single event-let your child learn that he/she can have a wonderful event because it’s FUN-not only because you’re there.

Have your little one sit on the kitchen countertop and read to you while you cook/put away dishes/whatever-you’ll want that time later; offer to watch someone’s younger child when yours are out of the house so THAT mom can get the chance to go volunteer to read to the class, etc… you don’t need to babysit-just meet her at the school and watch her baby for a half hour.

Don’t try to take pictures/video EVERY LITTLE MOMENT you are at the school event. Experience the moment fully-get a picture at the beginning and end. ~Kirin

Embrace pre-elementary days more. Worry less, somehow or another; it all works out.  BE YOURSELF! Don’t try so hard to fit in. Be a leader. ~Niki

Every time you say yes to something you are saying no to something else. Say yes with care. ~Erin

Be yourself. You don’t have to pretend you are something you are not. Those friends who love you for you will be the one who stick with you for life. ~Lajan

The advice I gave my college age kids and stand by is to follow your heart, don’t be afraid to take some risks and if you know you’re doing what you should be don’t look for approval. ( Even from your parents) We raised you to make good decisions and trust that you will, this is your life. Everyone makes mistakes so just own yours and learn from them.Everyone who comes into your life has an impact on it whether small or big , positive or negative. Surround yourself with people you truly care about and respect. Be open to all the possibilities and of course don’t forget to call home . Not text. Call, have a real conversation. ~Jennifer

I would have created a “Stop and drop” space for ALL school/activity bags to help keep everyone responsible and organized, even my self and my husband sooner. ~Marci
For Hight Schoolers: Never underestimate the importance having good credit. ~Sherry
You know your child and what is best for him or her. Listen to advice, but follow your gut. I have twins (boy, girl.) At the end of 5th grade my son was ready to tackle middle school, but my daughter wasn’t so we had her repeat 5th grade. It’s a decision neither I nor my husband nor my daughter have ever regretted.
It was what was best for her, and luckily her teachers and the principal supported our decision 100%. ~Kathleen

So, how do we make things a little easier, a little smoother? I know you know the answer…plan and prepare ahead of time. But how do you do that without getting overwhelmed?

Where to put all the stuff?

Creating a center for backpacks and school related gear is essential and can be anywhere you have space. Find a spot and claim it. Here are a few great ideas for creating a Stop and Drop area that Marci talked about, in fact, I have included hers and a few others!

Back hallway Makeover by Marci

DIY Mudroom Bench by Heidi

 back to school Wisdom from real moms sweet parrish place mudroom makeover

Mudroom Makeover for $100 by Nicki

What about College students?

College students need basically a small house to live out the academia years away from home. Lisa with Shine your Light created an incredible in-depth post on basically everything that needs to head off to University.

Women’s Dorm Room Essentials

The Guy’s Guide to Dorm Essentials

The next issue to tackle is… food!

Mornings can get a little crazy and creating balanced lunches in a hurry can become draining. Prepping ahead of time will be key for the school year. Here are some tried and true ideas.

and if your household is anything like mine, weeknights are super busy with sports and extra activities – trying to do dinner can be tough. I’ve got a great collection of easy dinner ideas on Pinterest and I have linked them here.

Find Back To School Plan Ahead Recipes here.

Misc. Tips

When my kids were younger mornings were tough. Here are the reasons why:

My oldest was a morning person and my middle daughter WAS NOT.  How did I solve it? I came up with a silly song to wake my middle child up… it worked!

My kids would not be coherent enough to quickly find clothes to wear, at least clothes that mostly matched that is.


We made it picking out clothes (everything down to the hair bow and socks) a priority right after bath time before prayers and bed.

We had a pact that they could not change their minds in the morning and I had final approval of what they chose (dress code).

My kids would zone out in the mornings with TV and it was almost impossible to get them to eat and out the door. This was an easy fix, no tv in the mornings.

Now, I am going to be very real with you, our morning issues were not just my kids fault. They were mine too, I did not have to right attitude and it affected  everything.

I used to think yelling at my kids would get them to move faster and on time, it did to a point but it made for unhappy days for all of us.

What did I do?

I purposed to speak in a gentle voice, to help them understand why I needed them to move and get ready.

I prepared myself the night before and set my alarm to get up 30 minutes early than the kids.

It didn’t magically get better and I slipped up from time to time BUT our mornings became sweet and productive. As a parent, how we handle the day and situations really does affect how our children take on struggles.

Bottom line as my sweet and wise friends shared earlier in the post and I shared at the end, enjoy this time of life. Cut yourself some slack, no one is perfect and no one has it ALL together.

Love your children and do your best. That’s all that matters, especially to your beautiful precious babies. Babies who are 4 to 25. 🙂

You’ve got this!

Until later my friends, Keep creating home!

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