Get into the Holiday Spirit with these Merry Christmas Tips!

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Need a little help to cross the finish line before the big day? I have gathered several of my hints, recipes, and how-to’s in this Merry Christmas Tips post.

Yes, I am posting this on Christmas Eve morning. Why? beacause sometimes life gets so hectic and busy that we need a little help wrapping things up (literally!) before Christmas day. I thought that maybe having several of my posts in one spot catagorized would be helpful, thus this the Merry Christmas tips post.

Let’s do this Q & A style. Ready?

How do I wrap Christmas presents?

As much as I love receiveing a beautifully wrapped present, I love wrapping them even more. The following posts contain step by step process I go through to create memorable gift giving.

These gifts look lovely and complicated but they aren’t! See my step by step Christmas wrapping post here.

How do I make a Christmas bow?

Bow making is so much fun and they really elevate your decor and gift giving. This year we saw bows take center stage! Huge traditional bows for the hair, the tree, the porch can be found all over the web.

This tutorial is for those who need to keep it super simple. In fact, this post is one of my most popular ever. Anyone can make this type of bow and if you are looking to use up scrap ribbon – you are going to want read this post. Simple Christmas bow tutorial.

What do I do if I run out of gift tags?

Well, you just download these! I have run into this situation a few times and decided to make some of my own! There is quite the variety styles and sizes available.

Now the gifts are wrapped and gift tagged, let’s think about what to eat on Christmas morning!

What can I make for Christmas morning breakfast?

We have a tradition in our home. A lovely leisurely simple breakfast. I prep the night before and set the kitchen island or sideboard buffet style. I make my egg casserole and pop it into the fridge. Fruit is cut and prepared. I create a waffle making station with all my dry ingredients in one spot.

Basically, I do everything I can to make the morning tradition feel as stress free as possible.

On Christmas morning, I wake up earlier than the kiddos and place the casserole I prepared the night before in the oven. I then prepare the waffles. To keep them warm during the gift exchange, I wrap them in foil and place in the bottom oven. You can also use a crockpot, just wrap the waffles in foil. One year, I left them out and just warmed the syrup and they were perfect. Bottom line, don’t stress.

Try our family favorite Eggnog Christmas waffles here.

What to do after the presents are exchanged?

If your family is like mine, the kids happily played with their new toys. I would begin the Christmas movie marathon… in fact I pulled some of my all time favorites you may or may not know. You are going to love these, the stories are well done.

Discover these Christmas movie classics here.

Bonus Tips:

  • Have Christmas tunes softly playing as everyone enters the living room. We always have the record player going, I’m a sucker for nostalgia.
  • Keep a roll of trash bags nearby and due a gift wrap paper sweep. The saddest thing is to have that beloved treasure go out with the trash.
  • Take time to enjoy the moments. Take pictures, of course, because you will never get these moments back. But, make sure to come out from behind the camera and be present, soak it all in.
  • Make the rule that cell phones must be put away until after family time.
  • Be silly, laugh.
  • Take time to remember the reason why we celebrate today… the birth of our Savior.

Merry Christmas Friends! May your day be filled with love and hope!

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