ORC Home Office Final Details – Week 7

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Here we are! The last week before the reveal and I have a few more home office final details to share. We are down to the wire but it will all make sense next week!


I know, I know. I ALWAYS say this…”How can it be the last update before the big reveal?” It’s silly but it catches me off guard every stinking time. Anywho, we are here and I have a few updates on the home office final details  – ready to read all about it? Ok! let’s go!


This week brought a lot of victories and a few bumps in the road.

We started placing the cabinetry in place to see how it looks. While we were carrying in the shelves, the remaining one outside fell victim to an “out of the blue” strong gust of wind. Sigh, We are still getting used to not having a protected area to work (the last house had a courtyard area) and the lack of trees here creates a perfect avenue for strong winds. So, we had to stop and address the battered case. It is finally ready to join its little family in the office and will be installed. YAY!

home office final details built ins added

I’m contemplating hardware…I know feels a little late in the game but I wanted to get a feel for these in the room before I made a decision. I love mixing styles and decades so, I am thinking with the vintage feel of the library ladder and the panel moulding on the walls – I want to go a tad modern. Something like this…



The ceiling medallion idea I had in mind was going to be a nod to the Art Deco period and square in shape. After going through pictures of our home build process – we found one that shows the ceiling joists in the office.

After measuring and finding the studs, it was evident that my sleek Deco vibe square medallion would have to start out much larger than what would have been appropriate for the room size. So, back to the drawing board and the internet.

Here is what I landed on. It has a Deco feel and is 24 inches wide which is the right size for the room. I snagged it on sale, so that was helpful. ?

Fabrics –

And for the sake of transparency, I had a facepalm moment with the curtain fabric. Last week I shared how my friend, Jen Hayes (owner of Feather & Nest Interiors) was gifting me lovely fabric for the curtains. Well, the fabric arrived, it is beautiful, and…it matches the trim picture I sent as close as one could match via phone pic. However, my phone pic registered too much yellow where the trim actually has a more oatmealish linen background. So I am working on switching gears here a little.

By the way, if you are in the Houston area- go see my friend Jen at her well-stocked store! You can visit her website here. 

Library ladder –

Next on my list is the library ladder from Rockler. I shared on Instagram that I was picking the stain color.  I decided on an old standby favorite of mine. Minwax Early American for the base and Minwax Classic Gray for the wash. It’s a great combo. I opted for a satin poly for protection.


Walls –

The panel moulding started to go up. This is a first for me so I am reading, measuring, and taking my time. I ran into a little dilemma with one of the walls, with the builtins in place – very little room is left and I end up with a scrawny, “you need to eat more” panel. It is kinda pitiful. We will see what the outcome is…

home office final details panel moulding installation


That’s all I have for this week, it’s a wrap on the home office final details.

Tomorrow the ceiling medallion will arrive and believe you me – it will be going up as soon as it is delivered! I can’t wait to see it with the light fixture… I can’t wait to get electrical light back in the room! Ha!


Next week will be epic, I can’t wait to see all the hard work of so many talented bloggers/designers come to fruition! In the meantime, won’t you join me over on the One Room Challenge website to see where everyone is on this last week before the big reveal? You can click here.


If you would like to catch up.

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Till Later Friends,

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  1. Fabric and photos is so hard, and think we have all been there, but it is in the way you utilize it that will showcase your amazing design skills my friend. You got this! Can’t wait to see you beautiful vision.

  2. That’s a beautiful ceiling medallion! And I can’t wait to see that library ladder in the room. See you next week for the reveal!

  3. Oooh this is going to be so good! I love the ladder and am interested in seeing the final result with the two stains! Good luck on the reveal!

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