ORC Spring 2020! Home Office Makeover Week 3

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Week 3 is here! Things are starting to take shape. Read all about the ORC home office makeover ups and downs for this week!

Hello, my dear friends! I hope you are all doing well. We are officially in week 3 of the One Room Challenge. Our ORC home office makeover is coming along!

This challenge was created by Linda of Calling It Home, years ago and I am so glad she started it! For 6 weeks (8 for this season) featured and guest participants take on one room and completely renovate it. There are big ups and big downs, real-life hurdles, and super amazing comebacks. This season’s ORC’s media partner is Better Home and Gardens, how great is that?

So where exactly are we on the home office makeover? Let’s see…

The Library Wall –

We are still working out the details but we will be able to start this weekend!  To say I am thrilled would be an understatement! We are resuing some of our old bookshelves and adding a couple of new ones. Part of the library ladder has arrived – super exciting!

The Paneling- I found the style that I think will work best in this space for two reasons. 1) the space is small and this style will make it feel a little grander. 2) this will be our first time installing moulding so… there’s that.  ha!

Source: Pinterest Patricia Mclean Interiors

The Furnishings –

I have been working on reupholstering the two chairs from the old study. It’s a tedious job and I have been sharing a few pictures on Insta Stories. I have been asked by several if I will do a tutorial and the answer is you bet!

The desk chair went on backorder, I am hoping it will be here in time or I will be adding another reupholstery job to the DIY project list.


The accent table – Ok, I am going off the path a bit here… again. ha! But I have to get a little more creative with the budget and I already have a small accent table. So, this table will get a little glam makeover and highlight the “Art Deco” feel of this beauty by painting the top in faux marble, the base in black, and the legs in gold.

The Soft Goods-

The drapery – the trim arrived and it is beautiful! In other good news, as the unpacking continues – my hubby found two brand new unopened dropcloths, woohoo! Sewing will commence this weekend.  Oh, and the gorgeous curtain rod arrived as well!

The pillows – the fabric should arrive this weekend. I’ve got a whole lot of sewing to do!

Many plates spinning at once now! 5 weeks to go! Next week’s post should prove to be very full!

In the meantime, enjoy all the great stories happening on the One Room Challenge official website. You can find them here!

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Till Later Friends,

The Aspiring Home wishes to thank

For being a sponsor for the home office makeover!

To see all their beautiful products including the gorgeous vintage library ladder click HERE!

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    1. Thank you! I wanted to go a little bold while keeping the room light and airy – I guess the reveal will tell if I am able to do it! ?

  1. Such beautiful trim and curtain rods! I’m always so glad when the fabric projects in a room makeover are finished! Happy sewing:)

  2. This is going to be such an exciting week seeing your bookcase project come together and start the moulding!! I’m predicting you’ll become a moulding addict and this will be the first of many projects!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I have a sneaky suspicion you are right on it becoming an addiction. I am already thinking about the powder room and I haven’t even started yet. ha! ?

  3. Those curtain rods are stunning as is all your fabric choices! Love the wall trim you chose too! Can’t wait to see that come together!

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