ORC Spring 2020! Home Office Makeover – Week 2

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Week 2 is here and I can’t wait to share with you more details about this home office makeover.

Hello friends and welcome to the ORC WEEK 2 home office makeover! The One Room Challenge is a community-driven event, 20 featured designers take on the challenge and post every Wednesday and participation guests post on Thursday. If you have an Instagram or a blog and a room that is in need of updating – you are welcome to join in on Thursday. We cheer each other on with encouragement weekly because this challenge can get a little rough – life loves curveballs.

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This week has been all about hashing out the details and watching my budget shrink a little more, ha! I know I am in good company, we have all had to tighten our belts a little more during this time and due to some extra expenses, some things had to change with my plan.

The overall inspiration will definitely be there! Let me explain but, before I do, let’s look at the lovely inspiration board.

I am so in love with this room already. It’s so easy to imagine it in real life!

So what’s changing?

Let me start off with the biggest hurt- the light fixture. It had to be put in the “later pile”. I found a great light fixture to put up for now and with a little ingenuity – it will give off the same feeling as the current beauty.

It isn’t an exact swap but once you see it on reveal day… I think it’s going to work!

The next switch is the chairs for two reasons. #1 – they are out of stock.  #2 to reuse what we have, I am bringing back the black chairs I upholstered a few years ago BUT I am going to reupholster them in this!

The print is for the back and the solid is for the front. I kinda looking forward to seeing the update!

Alright, that it for the changes! Not too bad. Of course, we have 5 more weeks to go. 😉

This week also brought decisions on the drapery. In order to save money, I am going back with drop cloth curtains with euro pleats.

To upgrade the drop cloth I ordered a beautiful trim tape that I found at a fantastic price!  I have been wanting to use acrylic curtain rods for a long time and thanks to a gift card and a coupon- I was able to swing it!

I pulled a simple floor plan together to show the furniture in the room. I like this layout, it allows one of the accent chairs to be turned and used at the large computer which will be housed in the library wall.

In other news-

The gorgeous green desk chair arrives this Saturday!


Y’all I am so excited to be partnering with Rockler for this One Room Challenge! Their products are top-notch and I am counting down the days until the vintage-inspired library ladder kit arrives.

Next week I will show you my library wall diagram- still tweaking it. So, please come back and see me! In the meantime, come follow me on Instagram or Facebook .

While you are surfing the internet, go to the official One Room Challenge website and soak in all the good, the tough and the triumphant this challenge is known for.  I am heading over to encourage my fellow challengers – hope to see you there!

Find all the feature guests here and the participation guests here.

Till Later my friends,

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  1. Joy, I think your substitute choices are just as beautiful as your original plans! And that trim tape… love! I’ve seen that here and there and always admired it. The office is going to look fabulous!

    1. Thank you Jennifer, for your encouragement. I actually saw a room on Pinterest today that had a similar light fixture hanging in a formal living room and it made me feel positive on the change. The trim comes in on Saturday and I am so excited to see it in person! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jen! I am getting more excited now – sometimes the blessing is in not getting what we think we want, right? ?

  2. I love the beautiful trim tape. Can’t wait to see those chairs reupholstered! It’s going to be gorgeous!

  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing those pleated drop cloth curtains! Will there be a tutorial? And I’ve always loved a library ladder…how exciting!

  4. Joy I can’t wait to see your green desk chair! I would love a home office and am living vicariously through you. Looking forward to tuning in next week!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I am on pins and needles that it is the right green! ? The chair still shows saturday arrival – fingers crossed.

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