DIY Outdoor Scalloped Valance

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Add a little whimsy with this easy project. A DIY outdoor scalloped valance will only take a weekend and will give your outdoor space a little extra “oomph”!

We are on the cusp of pool weather, long weekends of grilling, and family time. When I redesigned our outdoor living space, I wanted it to feel fun and inviting. My concept took its cues from old movies and great posh hotels of the 1940s and 1950s. I studied old hotel photographs from Miami to Los Angeles and picked up on a few elements.  One of those elements happened to be the cute detail on the poolside umbrellas.  I loved the scalloped feature and decided to recreate it and you can too if you would like.  Let me show you how with this easy DIY outdoor scalloped valance tutorial!

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  • Outdoor fabric (I chose Sunbrella brand)
  • Chalk pencil
  • Scissors
  • Fray check
  • Optional: Trim
  • Cardstock or heavy grade scrapbook paper
  • A bowl (for tracing)

Step 1:

Measure the area you would like the valance to hang. Measure the width and how wide you would like your valance. My valance length was determined by the space between the pillars of the outdoor kitchen(add a 1/2 inch on each side and the top for hem allowance). I chose my valance length to be 18-inch.

Step 2:

Draw your circle. I chose to do a 12-inch circle so scrapbook paper worked perfectly. I know this isn’t scientific and you can go that route but I was in a hurry and grabbed a bowl that had a 12-inch opening and traced it (upside down). Next, I folded the circle in half and created a crease line, then I just cut along the crease line. Voila, I had a semi-circle perfect for tracing scallops!

Step 3:

Trace your scallop onto the valance using a tracing pencil. Find the center of your valance and mark it with a pin. Lay your scallop template where the bottom of the scallop lines up with the bottom of the valance. Trace. Move to either the left or the right and line up the template again but this time make sure the scallop not only line up with the bottom but is touching the scallop you just marked. It’s basically the same principle when you are stenciling.  Continue drawing out your scallops.

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Step 4:

When all your scallops have been drawn out, Trace the drawn line with fray check. Allow fray check to dry then cut the scallops. The fray check works well but if you would like a more finished edge you may add trim, just make sure to spray it with a waterproof spray since it will be for outdoor use.

diy outdoor scalloped valance fray check applied

Step 5:

Hem the top and sides of your valance.

Step 6:

Apply the outdoor grade velcro and sew it to the top. Attach the other side to the area you wish to hang your valance. A brad nailer or stapler will secure the velcro.

Step 7:

Attach your valance!

diy outdoor scalloped valance - the aspiring-home

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