KBIS Designhounds 2024 COMPAC Surfaces for the Home

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COMPAC was one of the KBIS Designhounds Sponsors this year and we had the opportunity to learn more about this special company.

KBIS Designhounds 2024 Compact surfaces tour

As a KBIS Designhound for the 2024 show, we had the opportunity to learn more about Compac surfaces

Established in 1975, Compac was the first Spanish company to specialize, manufacture, and distribute designer-inspired surfaces. 

Years of passion and research have gone into each and every product in their vast line. 

This company not only brings beauty to everyday surfaces, but they do it in a forward-thinking sustainable way. 

We were given a lovely informative tour of the company as a whole and the new products they offer. Before our time ended with Compac, we had a little fun and created fun mini flat lays using the new lines for inspiration. Here is mine –

What New Product is Out this Year at Compac?

I’m really excited about a beautiful product they introduced made from minerals and recycled raw materials. Through thoughtful tech, they have created a functional low-maintenance material that can be applied to large surfaces without having to deal with “marrying” two pieces together and hope they look seamless.

sample of the new terrazzo product petra bosco by Compac  KBIS Design hounds 2024 tour

Compac’s new product can be used in outdoor applications as well as creating an easy-care bathroom oasis.

Compac surfaces new terra

What Remains the Same?

Compac’s commitment to nature and health. Through their presentation, we learned that 100% of the energy used in the Spain and Portugal factories comes from renewable sources and they have enacted strict measures for waste management. The company is aware of crystalline silica and its dangers. They are working to actively reduce it in their products and provide guidelines for those who handle and install it.

I am excited to work with a company that has a heart for art, design, the environment, and life. Thank you Compac for hosting us and for being an official sponsor of the 2024 KBIS Designhounds influencer tour.

Joy Maier The Aspiring Home Interiors KBIS Designhounds influencer tour
KBIS 2024 Designhounds influencer tour line up.

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