Gold Leaf Frame Update – Easy Quick Tip!

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Sometimes we just need a little tweak to the room. A little change of pace to bring life back into the space. This quick gold leaf frame update is so simple, you will be finished in no time. 




I love simple ideas that pack a punch and this one is no exception! This tip was made for Mondays. Change the whole room with this gold leaf frame update. 


Say hello to your new best buddy! 

quick gold leaf frame update

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When doing the office update, I knew I wanted to incorporate a painting that holds fond memories of my husband’s dad and stepmom. The frame had seen better days and I figured…why not? 

quick gold leaf frame update

A little Run ‘n Buff product goes a long way so I squeezed a dab onto a paper towel and began working it into the crevices and across the frame. 


For smaller areas, I substituted the paper towel for a q-tip. Take your time, add as little or as much you would like. 

quick gold leaf frame update


And drumroll please! TADA!! Pretty spiffy, huh? I so love it!

quick gold leaf frame update

Hang your masterpiece! It seems so simple but makes such an impact. I love how the gold really brought the pretty colors of the painting. 

The Rub ‘n Buff product comes in several beautiful colors. Just think of the fun projects you can update!



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