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Here we are! Last week before the big reveal… 2 major questions, Where are we? and Will we finish it time?

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“It’s the final countdown!” Now sing it – “It’s the final countdown!” I know, I know but this has been running through my head this week. This last big push before the fun ” reveal day”! Like I said earlier, there are two questions that need to be answered in this laundry room final details post.

Where are we in the process?

Can “I’m not sure” be a good answer? Nah, just kidding, we are tracking to finish up by next week. Well, that’s IF I can get the countertops in time. This is the same thing that helped to bring the kitchen makeover to a screeching halt during the last One Room Challenge.

Thanks to my cabinet builder friend, the washer and dryer are built in and to make the new countertop more useful – we raised the original cabinetry to the ceiling and he added the beefy stain-grade floating shelves.

The washer/dryer built-in will be stained a light ash… at least at this moment. We will see if it looks worthy of the new space – if not, I do have a back up plan! Find out next week which worked, ha!

Wood Conditioner Prep

The wall color looks gorgeous and I’m going to wait for the big reveal to share that with you. The Audubon prints are looking quite spiffy in their new black frames!

The light has been put together and is awaiting installment.

We had our fingers crossed when we took down the fluorescent fixture… wondering if we would have to retexture the ceiling. We got our answer pretty quickly! Only two lag-bolt spots needed patching. WHEW!

Many more small details are wrapping up which brings us to the next question:

Will we finish in time?

Drumroll, please!

The answer is…

We don’t know! Come back next week to see! In the meantime, check out where everyone is on this Fall 2021 One Room Challenge Journey with media sponsor, Better Homes & Gardens by clicking here!

Keep Creating HOME my friends!

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