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Week 5 of the One Room Challenge is here – only a few weeks left before the big reveal! Will we make it? Let’s see where we are in this facelift and we are talking about the laundry room cabinet color.

Hi Friends, Let’s get right to the nitty-gritty… week 5 of the One Room Challenge. This laundry room facelift is a little closer to being complete and I am all for it! My laundry room contents have been living in the foyer and hallway – not a pretty sight folks. NOT AT ALL. Today though, it’s about the laundry room cabinet color amongst a few tweaks.

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Before I share the progress, let’s take a look at the design board for inspiration…

Laundry chores will be laundry love once it is complete! I have slightly modified the board and will share more later in the post.

We finished priming the entire new built-in area. It looks tiny but huge amount of painting.

laundry room facelift built-ins with primer base

We removed the shelf/garment rod combo from above the washer. 2 Floating shelves will replace the old and the garment rod will be placed above the farmhouse sink – much better for drip dry items.

Forgive the messy picture, laundry and cleaning supplies are making their home on any cleared space.

We started adding the gorgeous pewter green paint color and it is some kind of pretty.

A combination of 24 shelves and doors were painted their first coat of this glorious color and we ran out of paint. So the hunt began to locate more oil-based paint – we found it and you would have thought we found gold. 😊

So I have to report that we are still in process of painting the built-ins for this laundry room facelift.

The countertops will be from the remnant store so…I have an idea of what I want but that will adjust according to what’s available. I need such a small amount that going the remnant root makes sense. Here is the color I am hoping for:

I think it will look splendid with the Carrara marble tile backsplash and tie into all of the black accents. Speaking of tile – this lovely is from the Jeffrey Court line at Home Depot.

Purchase this beautiful marble by clicking herehttps://rstyle.me/+JxlQNIhSugOilzbRH353eA

Laundry room design changes –

Ok so I tweaked the design board slightly. I decided to go with a different type of sconce for highlighting the artwork. I know it sounds crazy to put sconce lighting in a laundry room but hear me out – my laundry room might as well be a 24 hour gig. There is always something spinning or drying. ALWAYS.

So for those evenings when it is the last place I want to be, I will have beautiful mood lighting to fold laundry by and as I add a few loads here and there – the soft light is much easier to walk into the room. Kinda like a night light effect.

Here are the new sconces:

So the new laundry room facelift design board looks like this –

I really like the little wood accent which will tie in nicely to the new countertop for the washer/dryer and the small floating shelves.

Next week I hope to the built-ins completely painted, floating shelves up and the countertops picked out. I’ve got high hopes and big ambitions for this week! Come back to see if I get close!

In the meantime – check out week 5 fo the feature designers and all the guest participants! Click here to go to the official One Room Challenge with media partner Better Homes and Gardens latest posts!

Keep creating home my friends!

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