WK3 Fall ORC Laundry Room Cabinetry

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Here we go! Week 3 update is here and we have some beautiful laundry room cabinetry folks. Storage is the name of the game and I think we are winning!

Week 3 One Room Challenge update has us at the laundry room cabinetry. Be still my heart – so much opportunity for this organized-ish person. 

Catch up with this laundry room makeover:

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Ok, this week is short, sweet, and all about storage! We went floor to ceiling in a small space.  Why not?

We packed a lot in this small area. Including a long cabinet is perfect for chargeable vacuums, brooms, and mops. I added an outlet inside for easy charging. 

To gain as much space as possible, I dropped the cabinet to the left side of the sink back – still plenty of storage and we can maneuver easier since the washer and dryer are on the opposite wall. 

I’m going to take the marble backsplash all the way to the bottom of the upper cabinet then stair-step it down to a standard backsplash height.  This will allow me space for the drying rack and the gorgeous Audubon print gallery. 

This week is all about painting these beauties starting with primer and that gorgeous pewter green! Looking to start tiling this weekend and taking out the original placement of the garment rod. 

The color scheme of this laundry room evokes a soft natural kinda glam feeling. 

I wish I could say more happened here but it didn’t – next week we will have serious color happening! Come back and see the changes. In the meantime, click this link to see the feature designers & guest participant updates for week 3.

See you next week and until then

keep creating home my friends!

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