WK 4 ORC Laundry Room Organization & Update

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We are halfway through! Week 4 is here and let’s talk about some nifty laundry room organization ideas. 

Hey there! We are moving fast – amazing how 8 weeks just fly by. The One Room Challenge with media partner Better Homes & Gardens is in week 4 and we are talking about laundry room organization because once the cabinetry is completed – we will need to fill it. 

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So what laundry organization items am I including? Let’s take a look!

First up it was time to change to collapsible laundry baskets. I will be reusing the old baskets -so all good! These baskets really range in price but I found a reasonable version at Home Depot. 

One of my favorite things that I have had for years and will get a place in the cabinet is my shirt folding mechanism. It’s such a simple idea but boy does it make nice-looking folds! 

I love (and I think many do) having pretty storage for my detergent, stain removers, clothespins, and assorted little sundries. 

Purchase these glass containers here. 

I thought these would be a fun alternative to add. 

These will hold liquid detergent – I love the amber color and in true Aspiring Home fashion – I will be painting!

and I am adding these acrylic containers to the storage game

So storage is being handled, let’s talk about where we are in the room. 

We are a little behind on painting the final color but it will happen this week. We went through a lot of primer paint and speaking of primer- we had to hunt to find it. Many of our stores were out of oil-based primer. 

I found my Audubon prints via Urban Garden Prints (click here).

I have some smaller prints from my daughter’s bedroom makeover in our previous home so I will “fill in” to create a bigger gallery.

That’s a wrap on the update. Let’s go check out the feature designers and the guest participants’ week 4 news (click here).

Keep creating home friends!

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