Simple Beautiful Fall Decorating Ideas

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It’s time to celebrate the Autumn season. Today I have simple beautiful fall decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your home today!

Hey there friends! Can you smell the pumpkin spice? It’s time to spruce up the home for fall and today I have some darling thoughts on coercing the crisp weather to appear (at least here in Texas we are still registering 100 degree days. Let’s get started on these simple beautiful fall decorating ideas!

I have a couple of color palettes to share with you and they both incorporated some of the same branches and leaves. So here is a big hint – reuse your older decor by incorporating new ribbons. Just by adding a crushed slate blue velvet ribbon – I changed the whole vibe. 

Put Together an Easy Centerpiece 

Fall centerpieces don’t have to be difficult. I literally piled, stacked, and tucked here. I piled and stacked different sized pumpkins around a large brass candelabra then I just tucked in a bunch of fall picks. That’s it! 

The next centerpiece was just as simple. I grabbed a cornucopia that had seen better days and washed it with white and gray craft paint. I love how the texture shows up now! Incorporating grasses to “spill” out of the cornucopia kept this centerpiece full but quick. Adding candles for ambiance and a few woodland friends – this table is ready to welcome guests!


Simple Place Setting Decor

This little pumpkin started life as an orange $1 floral pick from the craft store.  I removed the stick and painted the pumpkin with acrylic craft paint.  My pumpkin needed a little glam so I added a smidge of gold leaf paint to the stem. Finished it off with a high gloss non-yellowing spray polyurethane and voila! 

These glossy pumpkins made a comeback last year, by adding a few more elements and changing the charger plate- I have a whole new look! You can find the entire dining table tour by clicking here. 

simple beautiful fall decorating ideas dinner plate with mum and small pumpkin


Make a wreath that carries through the season

A few years ago, I made this basic burlap wreath for fall. Just by switching the center decor, this wreath will take you from the beginning of September through November. 

Last year I made this lovely fall wreath using a few silk yellow flowering branches. So quick and easy!

Grab a Leaf Garland

It doesn’t get any simpler than this, friends. I just wrapped it around my cute deer like a scarf. 

Bring Out a Ton of Candles

The warmth of candlelight is a perfect addition to your fall decor. I mixed both faux and real. 

Expanding on the cozy candle idea – I took plain inexpensive taper candles and gave them a little glam makeover! How did I update my taper candles? With gold leaf paint!

Use Trays

I love trays for quick decorating. They are like mini mobile displays that can be tucked into any room and instantly bring the fall vibe.

Create a Pumpkin Topiary

Stack a couple of pumpkins and place them on a pot or stack them on a column or not. You can stack them on the floor or by the door. Ok, I will stop…got carried away there. 


Place Fall swags in unusual places…like the stairs

This show-stopping swag was made up of older faux fall leaves and leftover ribbon. They are one of my favorite fall makeovers and prove that old decor can be beautiful with a bit of reimagination! You can create your own fall stair swag by using this tutorial

and finally…

Paint the pumpkins!

This is one of the most fun ways to add personality to your home – give pumpkins your own spin! 

Making these faux marble beauties was a piece of cake – just click here!

This cute pumpkin had the prettiest green metallic sheen already but I added another layer of metallic slate blue craft paint and created a gorgeous shagreen effect. 

simple beautiful fall decorating ideas green and blue pumpkin

Now it’s your turn – gather all that decor and go to it! 


Keep it simple – enjoy the process of welcoming Fall. It doesn’t have to be perfect -it just has to bring you happiness.

If you are looking to update your space with a bit of extra warmth, check out these cozy fall decor additions.

Keep creating Home, my friends!

Need a few more ideas? Click here to see the beautiful Fall roundup I did with some of my blogging friends here!

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