Make This EASY Fall Front Door Wreath!

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This wreath can be made in a few hours or less! It will take you longer to buy the materials than actually making this easy fall front door wreath.

I am not kidding friends! This wreath looks so so so good in its simplicity. It’s also pretty gentle on the ol’ wallet because the supply list is really short. Just another reason you have to make this easy fall front door wreath, right?

Fall grapevine wreath with little yellow flowers and a pretty velvet bow


Step 1 – Shop for your fall wreath supplies

Gather your supplies. 

supplies needed for making fall front door wreath

Step 2- Secure florals to your wreath

Tuck the fall grass/flowers into the grapevine wreath and secure with floral wire. Slightly bend a few branches to mimic the curve of the wreath. 

small yellow fall flowers tucked into grapevine wreath

Step 3- Add a bow to your wreath

Make a bow to cover the intersection fall floral stems. This bow can be loopy or simple & classic. I chose a birch bark print ribbon and a velvet ribbon for my wreath.  If you need a quick tutorial on pretty bows – check out my post here. They really are easier than you think. 

fall grapevine wreath with yellow flowers hanging on front door

All that’s left now is to hang your pretty fall wreath – who knew decorating for Autumn could be so easy? 

Until next time – keep creating home my friends!

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