Spice Rack Hidden Storage Idea

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Need to keep your favorite cooking essentials at your fingertips but tucked away? This spice rack hidden storage idea will be perfect for you!

When we purchased our house many years ago, the popular idea was to create spice storage by making narrow shelves on each side od the stovetop. It seemed like a fine idea if you have perfectly pretty spice jars and you do not have a window above your stove that receives excruciatingly strong sunlight. My solution? This spice rack hidden storage idea not only solved the pretty factor but it helped keep the spices protected from the sun!

So what exactly did I do? I drew out the space showing the doors as panels for above the stove and one of my friends who build cabinetry went to work! Simple process for him, and sometimes you just have to hire out.

I wanted the door fronts to match the existing kitchen and if I would have taken this on- it would have been a way too simplified version and would look nothing like I wanted it too.


To create the hidden scenario, we went with soft close hinges similar to these –

These kept the doors looking more like panels, thus the hidden storage!

It’s fun when you can take a good idea that wasn’t exactly cutting it due to circumstances and make it a great idea with a little ingenuity.

There is always a solution to be had, my friends!

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