Week 4 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Allergies and Tile Saws


Week 4 challenge brought great changes including allergies and tile saws. The gorgeous tile is here in person and I am smitten!


Hello! Oh. My. Goodness! Week 4 has brought its challenges and a whole lot of progress! Allergies and tile saws are the focus of this week. Odd? Yep, read on.

It is always fun to discover that what you thought was just a ragweed allergy is actually a severe dust and mold allergy per the doctor. So friends, even more reason to wear a great mask during the demo, allergic reactions can put a kink into your plans.

allergies and tile saws week 4 tile combination for shared bathroom

Now that my PSA is out of the way, let’s take a look at what’s going on around here. The shower walls have been bathed in red…but not in a “Psycho movie kind of way”, more in a “water will not seep behind the tile and destroy my house kind of way”.

bad photo shop of water proofing paint

Super big confession… I did not get a hi-resolution photo of the red walls – so this is my bad interpretation, HA!

Here is my quick Ipad photo I took.

low resolution of water proofing

The tile saw has been working over time. Tile is up in the shower and it is some kind of pretty, my friends! I learned that I am not a fan of the manual tile cutters… I will take my ornery old tile saw.

The old saw and I are not on speaking terms right now but I am hoping we will come to an agreement soon. Purchasing a new saw is kinda out of the question right now. Thus my very straight forward title of allergies and tile saws. HA!

I am gaga over the large rectangle tiles, so much so that I spent hours trying to match veining.

Jeffrey Court large rectangle tile

Floor tile is going down and it is really livening the space up!

Jeffrey Court faux wood ceramic tile

I couldn’t stand it and had to see the new wall color….totally changes the whole space!

Take a look for yourself!

testing new paint color #sherwin williams, #rock candy, #sherwin williams rock candy paint

Can you believe???

I found a solution to my issue with the large(ish) door going into the shower/toilet area. First I thought about a sliding barn-style door but felt that the vanity area was already pretty narrow and the door and hardware may make the space feel tighter.  Then I thought about a sliding pocket door but that option was out of the timeframe and budget.

Finally, I landed on the idea of turning bi-fold doors into mini split doors. I will have them up next week for sure.

The new vanity is being built; I redesigned the inspiration vanity photo to better serve our space. Very excited to show you all its hidden storage potential!

new vanity installed

So, what’s left for week 5?

Here are a few of the items on the list!

  • Days upon days of caulking
  • Everything standing still gets painted
  • The vanity wall will be tiled in “Heirloom Blues”
  • Countertop installed
  • Electrical outlets restored
  • Plumbing/sinks/toilet set

And that’s just the stuff off the top of my head… I do have a full list…somewhere…I promise.

Many thanks for all the votes last week! Guess what? You get the opportunity to vote again this week! Think of me and my little project, would you? You can vote HERE and while you are on the Jeffrey Court site- check out all the beautiful work going on with my fellow competitors!

Catch up with the past few weeks progress – Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3

Have a great week, friends!

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