Week 2 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge – Breaking Up is Hard to Do!


 Week 2 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge is all about the demo. There is an old Neil Sedaka song, Breaking up is hard to do. Well, let me tell you it was hard but oh so rewarding!



Howdy friends! Today marks week 2 Jeffrey Court Renovation challenge and what a week it was! We made HUGE progress – at least in the demo part! To take this smallish shared bathroom to glorious heights, we had to tear her down.




As you can see, the before were OK at first glance, but if you stand in the little bathroom long enough you start to sense “something just doesn’t jive here, but what can it be?”

Well, for starters, the bathroom doesn’t have a sliver of natural light.

Second the vanity is pretty small for two teenage girls. The “shower/toilet room” of this wimpy wonder had a large door that takes up valuable space.

The third issue happens to be the magic linen closet, AKA the wormhole. I say magic because the amount that goes in and is never seen again is amazing.

So being well aware of these little negatives, pulling the design together had to be not only beautiful but functional as well.


To handle both the wormhole linen closet and smallish vanity issues in one fell swoop, the hubby and I ripped out the linen closet and the old vanity. Let me tell you, it was a beast. Whoever built the linen closet built it to stay. The house could come down but that linen closet would live on because you know it is an escape to the next time-space continuum or something like that.



My rescue pup, Ricky never leaves my side, unless I am busting tile. Then he stays at arm’s length. You will find him in several of my posts, he just loves the camera!

Now, we have the opportunity to design and install a truly functional large vanity. With the linen closet gone, not only do the sinks separate but the lights do as well. This alone will create more balanced light in the room (yay!). So problem number 1 and number 2 are on their way to being just a memory.


As far as problem number 3?

I took the door off.

Simple right? Yeah, I wish.

We have that whole need for privacy thing to contend with. Solution? I’m leaning to turning bi-fold doors into double doors complete with a locking mechanism.

With all these solved problems, we came across a few extra issues, which is why they call it a challenge, right?


The tub and toilet have to be booted out. They are both part of the builder “Linen package” originals and will not play nice with my new gorgeous Jeffrey Court tile.


The floor tile, like the tub and toilet were wrong for the new design and we bid farewell to it. I gave it a great send off and waved happily as the gentlemen threw it in the back of their garbage truck.

This wraps up a very exhausting week 2. Who knew such a small bathroom could yield so much mess? I know…. Ha!


Week 3 should bring us closer on wrapping up all the ugly of this soon to be beauty queen and week 3 is exciting for another reason, judging begins! You will have the chance to cast your vote beginning next week! All the ladies competing are so very creative and I have enjoyed getting to know them behind the scenes. Why don’t you hop over to the Jeffrey Court website and check out their week 2? Just Click Here.

Stick with me, you will definitely want to see how far we get. Let me tell you, there’s no grass growing under our feet!


Till Later Friends,























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  1. Wow that does look like a job! Im sure it will look awesome once its complete. I love the little closet toilet though.
    Found you from BJ’s (Sweet Nothings) Blog.

  2. Oh my goodness! I had no idea it was a FULL bathroom renovation! I can’t imagine how exhausting this must be to DIY this project. I’m dying to see the end result and will be cheering you on!

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