Jeffrey Court Challenge The Ugly Duckling Bathroom!

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Week 1, here we go! We’ve got an ugly duckling bathroom to share with you! Don’t ya just love a good “bad” before picture? Me too! Let me show you all the details!


I am absolutely giddy to say that this shared bathroom makeover featuring Jeffrey Court tile will be an ugly duckling bathroom turn swanky swan kind of story! Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of…did you know they are also made of mascara stains, flat iron scorches, and hairspray residue? Even though our daughters are young adults and have grown out of many bad habits, their shared bathroom still bears the marks of being a well-used space for ultimate beauty regimes.

Worn out rooms make for THE best makeover stories, right?

the ugly duckling bathroom renovation with Jeffrey Court

It was 2005 and we were moving from our home in Huntington Beach to Houston. The girls were not happy, at all. We had just completed major renovations of our home in Cali and the girls LOVED their rooms.

So, trying to help with the move, I recreated their rooms exactly in the new house.  It helped bridge the gap until school started and their lives felt a little more solid (making friends and getting involved with sports, etc.).

Of course, in my desperation to recreate, I made a few design mistakes. Let me explain as we peruse the “BEFORE” bathroom photos.

The Ugly Duckling Bathroom BEFORE:

ugly duckling bathroom before pictures full view of vanity and linen closet


Ok, this picture is worth a 1000 words.

First, I chose a very deep beautiful oceany color, and in a well-lit space would be amazing. Unfortunately, this bathroom is void of any natural light.

I do mean VOID.

Perfect place to develop photos if that was still a common occurrence. To get this shot I had to set up an external flash and lighting in addition to having the vanity lights on.

Second, I bought dinky shelves thinking they would be useful. I blame the fact that I had two young girls and a very active 1-year-old son who had never lived in a house with stairs for my lack of brain cells during this purchase.

Third, I thought by adding a trivet the girls would not use the sink for their hot hair irons… walking away from this one.

As the girls grew, the functionality of this bathroom diminished.


full view of small vanity before ugly duckling bathroom renovation 

See that linen closet? You would think that was a WONDERFUL idea, wouldn’t you? Until you realize things go in, but they don’t necessarily come out.

 It’s a wormhole.




Shower and toilet view of the before ugly duckling bathroom


This shared bathroom has a second area where the tub/shower and toilet resides…it’s even harder to photograph this tiny area. As you can see by my shower curtain choice – I was really trying to be all “designish” and throw another very deep color in the mix.

It didn’t work but the shower curtain looked happy.


toilet area before pictures of shared bathroom ugly duckling bathroom


I could go on and on …which I will – over the next 6 weeks! I am so very excited to be one of the 12 designers/bloggers chosen to take on the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge! Wanna see my inspiration board?

I can not wait to show you!



The Ugly Duckling Bathroom Transformation Plan

Coastal Glam Shared Bathroom design for ugly duckling bathroom renovation

Isn’t it pretty?? I will be adding mercury glass and a few extra surprises that are up my sleeve. You know I always do!!

Are you ready to watch this ugly duckling bathroom transform? I hope you stay with me ’cause 6 weeks will move faster than small-town gossip!

The competition is on! Please go check the wonderfully creative bloggers HERE! I am excited to see their spaces!

Till later my friends,

ORC Week Two Demo! It’s Getting Ugly

Week 3 Jeffrey Court Tile Renovation Challenge – Massive Progress!


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  1. Your story is hilarious. I only have a son so hearing about raising girls…with all the goings on…is always a total gigglefest. I’m glad you have some good before photos because you’ll miss those old mascara stains when they’re gone. LOL… Your plan for the space is so beautiful. The tile is amazing. I’m so excited to see your vision come to life. So very excited. Congrats on being chosen to be part of this elite group. What an honor! ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Thank you Susie! Fingers crossed that the mascara stains remain just a memory of youth,ha! I am so excited to start tearing into the project, literally! I so appreciate your support and encouragement. 🙂

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