Faux Carrera Marble Pumpkin DIY


Fall is here and it’s time for decor! Why not up the wow factor with this faux Carrera marble pumpkin DIY? 


Hey friends! I am excited to share this tutorial with you. When I was dreaming up this year’s Fall decor, I wanted to do something different…really different. The idea of a faux Carrera marble pumpkin DIY was just too cool not to try. I mean, what’s the worse that can happen, it’s only paint, right? 

Faux carrera marble pumpkin DIY


I have a serious love for Carrera marble, and I know I am not alone. We try to add some form of Carrera (faux or real) into our interiors.  On the faux front – you can find tons of tutorials for counters or walls. Now, you have one for pumpkins!


Let’s get started with this faux Carrera marble pumpkin DIY!


Supplies –

  • Faux (fake) pumpkin
  • White gloss enamel acrylic paint
  • Black gloss enamel acrylic paint
  • Assorted paintbrushes
  • Bowls to mix paint
  • Paper towels for blotting

*You can find all these supplies at your local craft store.

Step 1 – Paint Your Faux Pumpkin

Have you ever notice how  pipe cleaners are now chenille stems, pleather is now vegan leather, and fake pumpkins are now faux pumpkins? Just a “side note” thought, nothing more. 


Paint your pumpkin completely. Allow drying time. 

step 1 paint the pumpkin Carrera marble pumpkin DIY


You will need a few coats of paint to completely cover your pumpkin. 

add second coat of paint Carrera marble pumpkin DIY



Step 2 – Mix Dark Gray Paint

Add a little black gloss paint to your white gloss paint. Mix until blended. Continue to add black paint until it achieves the depth of color you wish. 

dark paint for veins Carrera marble pumpkin DIY


Step 3 – Add Dark Gray Veins

Okay, here is where I had an epic fail… a real facepalm moment. I thought I could add the veining with the larger brush I was mixing paint with. Cause it was there.

Um, no. 

Bad idea. I made an ugly mess – on one of the larger pumpkins. I had to wait for the area to dry and try to “fix it”. It turned out ok in the end but I was sweating there for a bit. 


mistake on pumpkin Carrera marble pumpkin DIY

fix mistakes Carrera marble pumpkin DIY


I dragged a smaller paintbrush to create much nicer veins. Blotting slightly with a paper towel to soften the lines. 

Carrera marble pumpkin DIY

Since this is my first time trying to recreate Carrera marble – I went a little overboard on the veining. I kept the ones I liked and painted over the ones that were less than desirable. Hoping that my honesty will help you jump in and try this! 


Step 4 – Mix Light Gray Paint

Follow the same method in step 1 just add less black gloss paint. 


Step 5 – Add Light Gray Veins

I used the light grey to trace the dark veins.



Then I add a few dollops here and there of the light gray. To add depth to the white paint, I used a paper towel to dab, move around and pull off the excess. 



Step 6 – Add More Gloss White Paint

Here is where the magic happens, at least it did for me. Ha! I dipped a mushed paper towel into the white paint and started dabbing. I just added paint until the veining didn’t feel so prominent. 



Aren’t they pretty? I think this is my favorite project this Fall season. I hope you give this Faux Carrera Marble Pumpkin DIY tutorial a try!



Til Later Friends,

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