Bold Color Spring Living Room Refresh

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Let’s take a look at a few richer hues in this bold color spring living room roundup.

It’s no secret that I gravitate toward happy bright hues. I love a calm peaceful space but my heart goes pitter patter when deep blues and vibrant greens enter the scenario! Since I shared a more subtle space just recently, I thought I would also share a bold color Spring living room.

How do we achieve a bold color Spring living room?

It’s bold without being garish, at least in my opinion. I have a deep love for walls filled with art but sometimes, the budget can not handle too many pieces. What to do? Spend on pieces that you absolutely adore and fill in with estate sale finds, garage sale finds, and a few hand made pieces. I will share some DIY art ideas with you at the end of this post – so be sure to scroll down.

Lamps are another way to bring in the Spring vibe. Go with rattan weaves or bright color to make a happy statement. The stores and online are full of lamps with great texture. These are from good ol’ Target.

Bamboo inspired pieces will give your space an instant vacay feeling, this is great for those of us who are eyeing staycations this summer. Ha!

Finally, add a faux sisal or jute rug to the mix. Great thing about natural or faux weave rugs? They can be layered! So add one underneath your current rug to keep your feet comfy and achieve a great Spring refresh.

Ready to shop the items I found? Here we go!

And as promised! A few DIY Art projects to provide inspiration…

Shower curtain turned wall art

Make a giant abstract painting

DIY Intaglio Style Art

Keep creating home, my friends!

and if you are needing MORE shopping options:

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