How to DIY Faux Leather or Fabric Curtain Rings

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Let’s create a custom look with these DIY fabric curtain rings. They are simple to make and will add big impact to your project.

Today’s project idea is a simple one and came to me one night when I was ready to hang the game room curtains but had not bought curtain rings. I know I know. Instead of waiting, I started looking through my stash of stuff and the idea came to life – DIY fabric curtain rings!

Let’s get started!

Supplies needed for this DIY Fabric Curtain Rings project:

  • Fabric – I chose leftover vegan leather
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Cutting tool
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Metal eyelets.

Step 1: Cut the fabric

step 1 cut strips of fabric to begin

I cut my fabric into 10″x2″ strips. You determine how long you want these – taller walls may look super chic with a more elongated loop done in a heavy upholstery fabric.

Step 2: Sew

step 2 sew edges of loop

Sew a narrow hem on each side. I do this with the vegan leather but you may be able to skip this step if you are using an upholstery fabric by simple ironing the edges, folding in half, then sewing.

narrow hem on DIY fabric loop
step 2 folded loop and stitch

Fold the fabric strip in half and sew. I chose to sew the edge but you could add another stitch for balance. I chose a darker thread but you could use a thread closer to the fabric color.

option shown to add additional stitching to DIY fabric curtain rings

Step 3: Add Eyelet

Using an eyelet tool, punch a hole through the end of one side of the fabric loop at the desired spot. Fold the loop in half lining up the edges and punch through the previous hole. So, now you should have two holes – one on each end of loop.

Eyelet added to DIY fabric curtain rings

Follow instructions on eyelet tool and add eyelet. It’s super simple to do and will require a few practice eyelets so grab a scrap of fabric and practice away.

Step 4: Hang your curtains

Simply put your fabric loop around the curtain rod and place the curtain hook through both eyelets.

finished DIY fabric curtain rings

I sure do LOVE the look of these, let me tell you! I’m kinda glad that I had to think outside the box a little because now I’m hunting for other windows I can use this idea with! The possibilities are endless!!

Are these fabric loop curtain rings moveable? Not really. Just being honest but my drapes are really to soften the room and I didn’t need them to move.

Oh, and these curtains? I bought basic curtains and added pinch pleat tape – one of ,my favorite hacks. If you are looking for another hack, check out my DIY drop cloth pinch-pleat curtain idea.

Keep creating home my friends!

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