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Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to remember our blessings with family and friends. Here is a little help in the menu department, in case you need a little direction or encouragement in the feast preparing department!



Hello Friends!

Let’s talk turkey! How will you be cooking ye ol’ bird? Me? I will be using a roaster. Love that gadget, it frees up the oven for important stuff, like pecan pie. I found great step by step info if you would like to give a go. I’ve got a whole Thanksgiving menu roundup for you today, have a look.

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Here are a few yummy recipes to give you poultry inspiration. From some of my favorites…

Alton Brown




Martha Stewart


Now that the main course is taken care of, let’s look at some scrumptious sides. I am in process of making frenchbread dressing, roasted root vegtables, mac n cheese (with a twist), deviled eggs.  The frenchbread dressing is my grandmother’s recipe and it is in true southern style – a pinch of this, a pinch of that.  There really isn’t a “recipe” just years of tweaking and creating with love.  Here are a few recipes that come close.




Ree Drummond’s Southern Dressing


Roasted Root Vegtables-



Mac N Cheese

I am adding shrimp and green chilies – special request by the youngest

Classic Mac n Cheese


Deviled Eggs

I have discovered adding bbq sauce, bacon, garlic, stone ground mustard and chives to mine will make my whole family sing my praises. Ha!

Classic Deviled Eggs

I kept the offerings with in reason this year since it is just my little family of 5. When we gather with the whole crew- then it becomes a measurable feast (with many hands in the kitchen). This little menu allows a lovely meal (simplified) so the focus stays on what is important, Being Grateful.

Now we couldn’t have Thanksgiving without wrapping it up with dessert! This year my girls and I will be making Pecan and Pumpkin pies.

Classic Pumpkin Pie


Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie


Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Have a beautiful one with family and friends. Don’t forget to take time and just breathe in. See all the good that is and can be. Tell those gathered you love them- no time like the present.


Till Later,


Simple Thanksgiving Place Card

Weekend Menu #8 – Pumpkin Goodness


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