Simple Thanksgiving Place Card


Preparing for family and friends shouldn’t be a point of great stress. Simple place cards will not leave you exhausted before the turkey is done.



Thanksgiving is such a beautiful fun time to share with family and friends. I LOVE cooking a big meal and gathering around the table to visit. Sometimes creating the perfect tables cape can bring unnecessary pressure for the hostess. Setting the table doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be beautiful.

These little pumpkins were a quick addition to the table. $1 pumpkin picks from the craft store, a little paint and voila- pretty decor.



See the metallic blue chargers? The chargers were $1 each and I had the metallic paint on hand but you can easily pick up a small bottle of paint for a few bucks. Make sure you spray a non-yellowing clear coat and of course hand wash.  I love layering chargers for added color and cheap panache.

Even if you are using the good Chinet (our family was so large growing up, this saved the sanity)- add a charger! Having a table set ready for guests makes everyone feel important, wanted and expected. That and lots of food! HA!

It’s fun to add place cards to the table, they are great if your crew hasn’t gathered in a long time. Place cards do not have to denote super formality. I actually use them to keep conversations flowing – spread out your “talkative” peeps.

I have been to dinner parties where the “talkers” were seated together and one side of the table had a grand time where the other side of the table was very quiet and left the dinner party feeling left out. It really saddened me because I knew the heart of the hostess and all the effort she put in to make the event wonderful. The night was lovely but unfortunately, the quiet end of the table feeling like the kids not invited to the dodge ball game left feeling a bit empty.

Good food and Good conversations fill the belly and the soul. Family and friend gatherings should be full of laughter and stories that keep the questions coming. So, sprinkle your yackers liberally. 🙂

For this placecard, I cut off a leaf from a garland and wrote names with a gold paint pen. You can use paper leaves, card stock cut into simple rectangles with the guests names printed.


I will be back over the next few weeks to offer more simple ways to create a less stressful gathering – including how to break down the workload in the kitchen!


Till Later,


Painting Pumpkins – A twist on the traditional

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