DIY Mirrored Room Divider in 6 Easy Steps

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Mirrored room dividers can get pretty pricey, unless you make it yourself with over the door mirrors you bought on clearance! Find the step by step easy DIY Mirrored Room divider instructions here. 

Salutations! Today I have a fun and inventive project for you! Make your very own Mirrored Room Divider!

Have you seen the beautiful mirrors at Kirkland’s lately? I love going in the store and perusing online – they really have a fantastic selection. While I was on a little shopping trip to my local Kirkland’s store- I had a light bulb moment. We have this unassuming, pain in the rear corner in the formal living room ( really our spot to listen to live music and vinyl) that drives me crazy. Actually truth be told- the whole room layout drives me crazy. Friends can attest to this! Everytime they come to visit… the furniture layout changes and I apologize.

Anyhoo, back from chasing rabbits. I got the idea to take 4 of Kirkland’s over the door mirrors (similar to these) and turn them into a mirrored room divider. I have wanted a room divider for a long time. What I didn’t want was the price – have you seen what they are asking?!?

4 over the door mirrors found their way to the cash register. Now to convince the hubby that my crazy idea would really work…if he helped me. 😉

After explaining my thought process, he was quite receptive. I was in shock. He is after all, an engineer and my ideas kinda get “out there”.  The project is simple and will take a few days (paint has to dry).

 mirrored room divider

Not bad for 4 over the door mirrors! Let me give you the details…

Supplies for Mirrored Room Divider:

  • 4 Over the door mirrors from Kirkland’s
  • 1 sheet of plywood (what we had on hand, 1/4 inch)
  • Liquid nails
  • Self tapping screws
  • 12 (3 inch) Hinges
  • Box cutter or blade to cut paper backing
  • Painters tape
  • Paint (for exposed wood – I used spray paint in Espresso

Step 1:


Take the paper backing off the mirrors. Pull any staples leftover from the protective corner covers. Some areas peeled easily- other areas required a box cutter. Use caution with that box cutter… pretty please.


Step 2:

Lay out your mirrors (exposed side up). Measure the width.


Step 3:

Measure and mark your plywood width exactly the measurement of the mirror width.

To keep the back of the screen clean- we went with the plywood’s pre-determined height (6ft).

Rip down the plywood using a table saw (you will need two people on this) or talk to the nice folks at the big box hardware stores and have them rip the plywood for you!


Step 4:

Paint the plywood. I chose to use spray paint we had on hand. You can choose whatever color your heart desires. Paint as many coats (follow drying time directions between coats)  until you are happy.


I painted the backside then marked off and taped the front area to save on paint.

mirror-screen-howto-room divider-diy

Step 5:

Liquid Nail your reflective beauty to the plywood.


Carefully lay scrap lumber on top of mirror. Use heavy objects gingerly. Allow the Liquid Nails to set up. We waited a few of hours.


Step 6:

Ok, listen Children, listen well, to my tale of woe and struggle. No, seriously do not just lay the mirror panels side by side and start adding hinges. Yep, you guessed it- the dern thing was solid but not foldable. MHMM, my folding mirrored room divider was NOT foldable. Talk about having to give yourself a pep talk – geez it was a let down.

Alternate where you place your hinges. Take a look at the picture below – it speaks volumes. Notice the unneccessary holes in the back? Yay me! Spackle, sand and touch up.  So heed my warning- do as I say and not as I did the first time. 🙂

BTW- feel free to use upgraded plywood for this project. I had a sheet on hand and thus my edges are a bit rough. No one seems to notice but I know it is rough and well now you know too.


Hinge placement-  we allowed 1 inch from the top, then split the rest of the screen length. So, about  24 inches between hinge placement

And that will do it! We saved MAJOR coinage on this project. I LOVE the reflective light from this mirrored divider and now the silly little corner looks fabulous! Feel free to pin it with the pic below!

Till Later,

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