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Wall sconces under $150? Yes, please! Discover over 30 gorgeous sconces sure to fit any decor style! 


Here we are, the 4th edition of the frugal finds series! I discover 30 plus wall sconces under $150. Every style and era is represented here today. Let me show you what I found!


wall sconces under $150 The Aspiring Home

I wasn’t kidding, right? Look at these sconces!

*Heads up, this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure by clicking here. 


The Mod –

These sconces are a perfect fit from the mid-century vibe to the more modern in design.



The Transitional –

Need to tie the traditional and more modern styles together? Go transitional!


The Modern Farmhouse –

Great for those who love the “to hearth and home” style


The Traditional / Old World –

A mix of country chic to the most traditional style lighting.


There are a few here that are on my wish list? How about you? Do you see a favorite? If not, check out these links –



Lamps Plus

1800 Lighting.com


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Til Later Friends, 

Wall sconces under $150

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