How to Make a Simple Christmas Bow

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Bows make everything from packages to trees look more festive. Can’t make a bow? Not a problem, now you can with these simple steps! This simple Christmas bow is perfect for the beginner. 



Making a simple Christmas bow is quick and easy when you use this method. Christmas is around the corner… but I don’t have to tell you that, right?!? I am so appreciative of the love shown toward my Very Merry Christmas Home Tour. I have been asked by a few friends how to make the bows you see on the swags and mantle garland.  Would you believe me if I told you that they are easy peasy? Well, they are! 


I used the following method to create the holiday bows this year. What makes this process even better?

You can finally use up all the leftover scraps of ribbon you may have on hand!



Take you favorite roll of ribbon and cut it into 12 to 18 inch lengths.



Fold ribbon length about 1/3 way down to create a loop. Pinch.


Use a wire to secure loop. Twist.


Bend the loop section toward the ribbon tail. Fluff.


To take the “loop” to a “bow” just twist two loops together! Voila! Easy simple bow.

connect first two loops of how to make a simple christmas bow

Add more loops for a bigger bow.

putting the loops together how to make a simple christmas bow

Vary the loop size and fabric type for a fuller bow.

finished product of how to make simple Christmas bow

Wanna know how to make perfect french cuts on your ribbon tail?  Well, you are in luck!

fold the ends to make a simple christmas bow

Fold the ribbon ends horizontally.


Cut the ribbon ends at a diagonal.

trim the ends how to make a simple christmas bow

And…there you have it! Perfection every single time!

I hope this quick little tutorial will help you take on a bit of bow making. Merry Christmas!

how to make a simple christmas bow aspiring home

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