7 Ideas On How To Clear The Kitchen Clutter!

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The kitchen is the heart of the home & cooking brings the family closer together, it can be one of the most stressful areas to keep tidy. Today, let’s clear the kitchen clutter!

Today we kick off a fun weekly series dedicated to decluttering our homes! Every new year brings new promises, like “This year I am tackling the ______.”  

For me I would fill in the statement with kitchen and fortunately my good friends of “No Place Like Home” are ready to help with ideas, printables and a chance to win a $150 gift card to The Container Store!

Clear Kitchen Clutter The Aspiring Home

Plus… we know there are some phenom organizers out there as well as first timers and we want to share your awesomeness.

How did I clear the Kitchen clutter?

I haven’t. I know, you are shocked. That is not the answer you initially look for when searching for organizational help.  Keeping the kitchen clutter, any clutter at bay requires vigilance.

Life gets in the way here and despite my best efforts, my kitchen can quickly go from running smoothly to a hodge-podge mess.

I used to spend hours trying to get it back in order but now it only takes a short 15 minutes  thanks to these simple ideas.

Idea #1: Create “zones” for all things kitchen

idea number 1 to clear the kitchen clutter, create zones for all things kitchen

I LOVE cookbooks but I have a few that I really use. I finally found the courage to send  my unused cookbooks off to make others happy.

I tried to designate areas of the pantry for baking, sauces. breakfast items etc. My baking area is looking a little rough in these pictures. I had to clean out the old flour- you know how that goes.

Idea #2: Rolling pantry bins

idea number 2 to clear the kitchen clutter, add rolling pantry bins for bulky items

I’ve got to be honest- this is one of my all time favorite projects. I was in desperate need of storage.

Part of my struggle with clutter was how to corral all the reusable bags, lunch boxes, coolers and paper goods.

One day a light bulb went off – I had prime real estate staring me in the face. Why not create bins for these items? Why not put them on wheels so the bins can be rolled all the way out?  

These little babies have made such a difference! They are narrow but hold a TON of stuff. Want to make your own? Click here to build these organizational pantry bins.

Idea #2 pantry bins filled with paper goods

Voila all that necessary “stuff” rolled away and magically disappears!

Idea # 2 rolling pantry bins tucked underneath shelving create a seamless look

Idea #3: Wood Crates and wire bins

Wood crates are a great economical addition to your pantry. I picked these up at JoAnn’s fabrics and gave them a quick “weathered” stain. I just love mixing glam and rustic elements.

Idea number 3 to clear the kitchen clutter, use wood crates and wire bins to corral smaller items

Need a home for potatoes? These baskets were a Home Goods find and hung with simple hooks.

Idea number 3 wire baskets work great for fruits and veggies storage

Idea #4: Leave space to write it down

We are halfway through my ideas to clear the kitchen clutter – not too difficult, right? Im all about simple solutions. Why? Because if they are simple, then we can keep the routine.

When we run out of an item – whoever was last in the pantry has to write it down. Believe it or not- it works with kids… even teenagers because if it isn’t on the chalkboard it may not make it onto the official grocery store list. 🙂 Ice Cream seems to be a popular add, ha!

Idea number 4 to help clear the kitchen clutter is to add a spot to write down needed items

Idea #5: Baskets and jars for smaller items

I love using baskets and to save a bit of cash – I gathered baskets from around the house and gave them a good dose of spray paint. $1 Chalkboard labels complete the organization.

Idea number 5 to clear the kitchen clutter add baskets and jars to keep bulk groceries neat and organized

Old school bread boxes still make great organization options.


These glass containers were purchased via Amazon. The vinyl labels were quickly made using the handy dandy Cricut cutter.


Idea #6: Add hooks

I love aprons probably a tad more than cookbooks and created super cute hooks to keep them all looking happy. Wanna know how easy it is to make them? Click here.


Idea #7: Just hide it

Now we have come to my last little brilliant kitchen idea. Our home builder had the brilliant idea of putting narrow shelves above the stove area for spices.

The idea is logical BUT I can’t stand the cluttered look of the spices and the pretty jars were just too wide for the shelf space… what to do?

I tried just leaving the shelves bare but that drove me just as crazy until one day I had a light bulb moment. Why not create doors to cover the shelves?

Would it work?

You bet it did!

Take a look…


Love how the chaos goes bye bye with hidden storage! *We gave our builder grade cabinets a fresh coat of paint a few years back – changed the whole feeling of the space.

I hope these seven ideas help you clear the kitchen clutter! Be sure to check out even MORE organizational goodness.

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Ready to tackle the craft closet clutter? Let’s GO!

Until later, keep creating home my Friends!




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  1. Hey Joy…I had such a great time looking at all your old projects that have helped you achieve your well organized pantry…those ceiling medallions!!! Fantastic. Thanks for all the great idea…may have to borrow that wheeled box idea.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm.


  2. Hi Joy,
    The drawers for your pantry are still one of my all time favorite projects. Simply brilliant. And…your pantry looks like it goes on forever with multiple storage areas. That is a dream when most of us have limited storage space. 🙂

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