Easy DIY “Believe” Christmas Painting


December seems to be charging toward the New Year in a big way.  We have been busy here with life and family.  Sometimes, almost too busy, that is why I love this simple Believe Christmas painting.

DIY "Believe" painting

I wanted a painting that expressed my heart at this time of the year. I chose to create a night sky with child like stars and added the gold chipboard letters. I love the way it looks with the elaborate swag on the mantel.

Let me show you how simple this project is…


  • Canvas (I bought two at Michael’s Craft store on sale) you choose the size
  • Chip board letters – you choose the size in ratio to your canvas
  • Acrylic paints
  • Brushes
  • Gold paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks

You can find even more details on the painting process here.


Choose the colors that would represent the night sky. I started out with a couple of different blues and dragged the paint across the canvas. Don’t worry about missing areas – the lighter areas create a cloud effect.  Make sure to drag the paint across both canvas so the look consistently inconsistent. 🙂


Continue dragging the paint until both are covered.  Next add a deep purple and white sporadically. Finally add a sprinkling of gold.


With  a finer tipped brush, add little “stars” (find your five-year old self) across the top 1/3 of the sky.  Adding one bigger star to the mix.

Paint the chipboard letters, allow to dry and then hot glue on the canvas.


Don’t forget to paint the edges of your canvas. I did gold on the outer edges and the deep blue on the inner.


This time of year we all try to finally pause and consider the beauty of a child born in humble surroundings with one purpose- to save the world.  As adults, life and events can become scary and uncertain. The day to day events happening in our families and around the world become daunting.

As children, we had the benefit of a parent to cover our fears with,”I have this, it’s all going to be okay.” We would trust and believe them and in doing so,our fears were calmed. Little did we realize and understand the magnitude of strength it took for our parents to utter those words. The reality of adulthood makes it very clear when our children approach us with the very same concerns.

There are moments when the weight of this world is on our shoulders and we feel helpless. Fear tries to grip our mind and hearts. As fear creeps in and we cry out for someone to help – HE is there.  Our heavenly father reminds us “I have this, it’s all going to be okay.” We trust and believe HIM  and our fears are calmed. For as HE sent HIS son to save the world- HE takes the role of fatherhood seriously and saves us daily from the seen and unseen.

This little painting reminds me to be a child to my Heavenly Father and trust HIM to guide me and take care of the woes and stresses surrounding.

Blessings to you and yours.

Till Later,


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