DIY “Textural” Art Project

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DIY Textural Art is super easy and only takes an afternoon and a favorite quote!



Today’s project is a DIY version of the  “word art” you see everywhere. Here we go!


Canvas- pick your size.

Acrylic paint – pick your colors

Acrylic paint extender

white flat spray paint

Quote- Pick the words that inspire you

Stick on Letters – I used permanent vinyl letters. The non-permanent just couldn’t stand up to the paint process. The permanent peeled off with very little effort. Shake it up a bit and choose different size letters.

(I grabbed all these supplies at my local craft store)



Texturalart5 texturalart6 texturalart2



1. Layout the quote on the canvas. Using varied sizes of vinyl letters will help create a more customized look. We “eye balled” everything- not a ruler in sight. We wanted it to be slightly imperfect… what freedom!




2. Use a craft stick or an old credit card to smooth out any bubbles – making sure the letters adhere to the canvas.  Once bubbles are removed and you are satisfied with the adhesion – spray paint the entire piece with your flat paint. Doing this will help with the paint bleed through. Allow to dry.



3. Once the spray paint has dried- the fun can begin. Pick your favorite colors and add the extender. I chose blues, greens and a little purple. Channel your inner artist and just go with it – great stress reliever. Feel free to make a test run on poster board if you are concerned with the colors you choose. Whatever makes you happy, right?!?



Great thing is… if you aren’t feeling the combo of choice- just add more color. I played, stood back and decided it needed a little grayish white. I kept moving the color around till it made me happy.

4. Allow the paint to dry slightly then carefully begin to peel off the letters. Of course even with our painting the flat white paint… there was bleed through. I was all for touching it up but my daughter dug it just the way it was so I left.




5. Find a spot to hang your inspirational art work. This piece went to the dorm room.




This project was fast and simple-  done in a day- just the way we like it. Next time I think I will use liquid leaf and paint in the letters for a little more glamourous look…. How posh would THAT be!

Till Later,


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  1. Beautiful art work, and I love your quote. It’s so true. I have a question, what does the paint extender? Can you just paint with straight acrylics? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Yes you can paint straight with acrylics. I chose to add an extender because I kinda fly by the seat of my pants and I change my mind while doing a project. Ha! So, the extender allows me a little more freedom of movement in the paint before it dries. Thank you for your kind comment! I hope my answer helps.

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