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The One Room Challenge, Spring 2017 is now complete! The motor court is now sporting a new look! Come read all about the outdoor room final reveal.

Today is the day! The One Room Challenge outdoor room final reveal is here! This time around we took it outdoors. The kitchen and breakfast nook overlooks a motor court area and frankly… it left nothing to the imagination. It was blah, functional (kinda) but boring.

Before photo of the outdoor room

I love homes that have pretty views outside the kitchen windows. We stare out at our sweet neighbors’ brick facade.  I have always been a big dreamer. I walk into spaces and I see what they can be – this gets me into trouble because I dream so stinking big. On. Every. Thing.  Over the years, I have had to learn to dream big and be flexible. Reach for the moon and grab the stars is what I say to the kids (and to myself).

I am so very happy with what we accomplished with this space. It was a big ol’ blank canvas. Now, when you stare out the windows- you are greeted with all sorts of loveliness. Heads up, I may have gone a bit overboard with pictures. 🙂

I wanted an “aged courtyard” feel. A place that borders on a secret garden, where you could enjoy a morning cup of coffee. A place for a good read or perhaps a cup of tea with a dear friend and soak up the conversation. Maybe you want to gather the kiddos and friends for popcorn and a movie. Maybe, just maybe you have always wanted to host a 15-foot table dinner party under the stars and still allow your son to shoot hoops.

I think we got it…

after photo of the Outdoor Room final reveal

This space is not only pretty and full of possibilities, it still functions as a motor court. Thanks to the good folks at Sherwin Williams introducing us to the xylene based paint product we covered our boring concrete slab in geometric glory. Seriously can not say enough good things about the effort our local Sherwin Williams managers went to make sure this project was a success. Guess what?!? They do that for EVERYONE.  Good old-fashioned customer service and really care about your project.  Stay tuned for a step by step tutorial here on the blog so you can be confident to try this yourself.

Learn how to paint your concrete the easy by clicking here. 


As we were painting the concrete, I began to ponder on how we will use this space.

As I rolled out paint, I realized that this space had already been privy to some special moments. Our oldest daughter’s 13th birthday party was a luau complete with Hula dancers and guess where they performed? Our son learned how to ride a bike with training wheels in this space. High school swim team building fun happened here. This room revamp was blessed with a beautiful foundation of great memories.

There are so many details in this space that I will happily breakdown for you in the coming weeks. Everything from building your own container fountain to creating a 12ft x 8 1/2 ft movie screen for around $50. For now, let’s just look at how far we have come!

container garden closeup the Outdoor Room final reveal

I love this little bird, it reminds me of my logo. The whole reason I started this blog- I wanted to create a place where everyone could find inspiration and courage to make their house a home because home is where we find our roots and our wings.


Gorgeous container gardening is easy with this simple tutorial!

outdoor movie snacks for the Outdoor Room final reveal
dusk almost movie time the Outdoor Room final reveal
outdoor movie ready the Outdoor Room final reveal
garden close up the Outdoor Room final reveal
the Outdoor Room final reveal at night
DIY Outdoor movie screen The Outdoor Room final reveal

Create your own movie screen with this simple DIY

full view of Outdoor Room final reveal
ORC The Outdoor Room Final Reveal TheAspiringHome.com

That wraps up the outdoor room’s final reveal! Good stuff, right?!?

Find all the sources and details for this outdoor room here.

Many thanks to Linda (Calling It Home) for creating this challenge. Twice a year we are privy to incredible creativity squeezed into 6 very short weeks. This spring challenge brought out the best in the featured designers and guest participants. I have been perusing all the crafty creatives projects and they are worth seeing.  Check out the links below:


If you would like to start at the beginning of this adventure, here ya go!

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If you would like to see my past One Room Challenges, be my guest! Let me know what you think!

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Until Later, Friends!

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  1. Joy, I know you are over-the-moon excited with this space! It is absolutely fantastic…love how the flooring turned out. And your movie screen! You are so going to love this area…I can’t wait to see all the details. Well done my friend.

    Hugs, Lynn

  2. Looks so good my friend! I think my favorite part is the painted floor. It turned out beautifully! Wish I lived closer so I could come over for a movie!!!

  3. Joy, I love how the painted concrete pulls everything together. All the great touches you added and with that movie screen, I know you and your family are going to be spending lots of memorable time together in this gorgeous space.

  4. You know you are successful when the older daughter, college boyfriend and 12 year old son are playing Wi U games outside on the huge screen at 11 pm on a Sunday night! School’s not over for our son but the place is so unique and inviting, you struggle to shut them down!

  5. Joy, your outdoor project turned out beautifully put together. You really brought your visions, as discussed, to life. I’m glad that you and your family & friends are getting great use of the space.

  6. Joy, this is amazing! Is this the driveway or a patio? You truly transformed this space and you must have parties this summer. Ignore the heat and the mosquitoes and do it. 🙂

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