Gentleman’s Quarters Bedroom Reveal!

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The ORC Fall 2020 is officially in the books! The Gentleman’s Quarters Bedroom reveal is here and it’s pretty darn handsome if I do say so myself. 

It’s here! I have been dreaming for weeks of this moment. The moment when I get to show you my latest project, my gentleman’s quarters bedroom reveal is here! 

The One Room Challenge is the creation of Linda of Calling It Home. A 6-week event that takes place in the spring and the fall. 20 designer/bloggers are featured every Wednesday to share their beautiful updates and over 150 guest participants share their creativity on Thursdays.  When reveal day comes around – it is a feast for the eyes and inspiration for the soul. 

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Ready to see this epic Gentleman’s Quarters bedroom reveal? 

Ok, I feel it is pretty epic! 

This room was as plain as it gets. It was nice but bland – a big snoozer. NOT ANYMORE! This room hearkens back to the day when science and imagination collided. When inventions were dreams come true – whether fantastical or basic. I wanted to create a space that would handle the tech of today with the heart of the past. 

Before –

before pictures gentleman's quarters bedroom reveal

The Plan –

I love to start with a design board and then lay everything out in a floorplan. This room was a little tricky – the desk is HUGE and the bed is “full” size. I wanted to keep the room simple but handsome but functional. The bigger desk will eventually house another computer and a few other “computerish” tools.  Laying everything out led me to add the custom (because nothing came readily available in the size needed) bedside tables that are purely functional. 

The After –

A little paint, a little DIY, and Voila – updated room! Choosing the gorgeous Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik in a flat finish was a perfect starting point. I kept the original SW Agreeable Gray on the ceiling to avoid the overly reflective boring white that normally graces ceilings. 

Let’s talk about the flat wall panels – they made a HUGE difference in creating the cozy gentleman’s quarters feel. My original plan boasted a different style of wall moulding but after the color went up on the wall and knowing that I wanted to install faux beams – I decided the “grid” style paneling would work best and it does!

The Drapery –

The pinch pleat plaid curtains were easy to sew and adding the vegan “Cognac” leather trim gave them a little “stand out” quality while keeping the budget in mind. 

So, I love these curtains! After adding the vinyl strap, they just didn’t feel complete. While working on another area of the room – I came up with the idea of adding tassels to mimic the tassels you would find on a pair of men’s shoes. It was an easy quick project that added the finishing touch!

The Bed –

The bed is a hand-me-down from my husband’s bachelor days. We used some elbow grease and a little inspiration to update it – here’s the tutorial for the bed frame update

updated bed with rivets

Study Area –

The desk is a favorite – my son was so surprised and happy with it. It looks like it was pulled out of a salvage yard and shined up. 

Every desk area needs a spot to store books and a few collectibles – floating shelves filled that need. I painted them the color of the walls to keep things a bit moody. 

I chose to paint the little floating half-round bedside tables in the “Indigo Batik” to keep them in the background – they are purely utilitarian. Just a spot for an alarm clock and a placeholder for the glasses.

 Now, the real jewelry of the room belongs to the amazing wall sconces Morgan Sconces by Crystorama

These sconces can be wired in or just plugin. I love the flexibility and the plugs are super heavy duty. Installation was a breeze thanks to the clear instructions. 

I brought in a bit more of the green by using this simple tip for picture frames.



A few more beauty photos –

Find the list of my favorite dark blue paint colors by clicking here!

gentleman's quarters bedroom reveal bed review


And… That’s a wrap on this Gentleman’s Quarters Bedroom Reveal!

This room was dreamed up for my son, who loves everything to do with flight. He has an engineer’s mind but has a creative vein so I am excited to see what he does in this world. 

Be sure to go and see the featured designers’ virtual spaces here and the guest participants’ reveals here – so much good stuff.

Many thanks to Linda and her team for all the behind-the-scenes work that goes on to create this great event. Better Homes & Gardens for being the official media partner. 

Special thanks to Crystorama for partnering with me by supplying the Morgan wall sconces. 

Shout out to my hubby and son for all their support and help. So many DIY projects take place for this challenge in order to pull off the design on a budget – they really rose to the challenge. Come back for part 2 of this Gentleman’s quarters bedroom update- when we install the beams! Unfortunately – they didn’t make it in time to be included but so excited to see the character they will add.

Hard to believe another ORC has come and gone. Excited to see what Spring 2021 will hold!

Til Later Friends,

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  1. I am just getting around to checking out everyone’s ORC reveals and had to comment on this! I LOVE the rich beautiful space you have created. Just beautiful!!!! Congrats!

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