Fall ORC Week 6 Foyer Update


Week 6 is here and thankfully it isn’t the reveal week! So much good stuff coming together, I can not wait to share it all with you!



Hello ,Hello Friends! How are you? We are running crazy here trying to wrap up our week 6 Foyer update for the fabulous One Room Challenge! Week 6 is normally the week that I(and about 200 of my fellow bloggers/designers)  show you the chosen space. That’s right, you should be seeing beautiful photos of a finished room. Thankfully, Linda at Calling It Home decided to do a one time option of adding a week.

This past weekend was filled with physical and mental exhaustion. We joined the family in Southern California to clean the home of my husband’s late father and step-mother. We also gathered to scatter their ashes in their beloved Pacific Ocean. It was a tough weekend but in every situation, there is beauty if you choose to find it. We were truly blessed to reconnect with family and made promises to make the efforts to remain close. We also spent time with friends who graciously opened their home for us to stay while we dealt with the cleanup.

So with that being said- our time to devote to this challenge was minimized.

Here’s where we are for the week 6 Foyer update –

week 6 foyer update

I am happy to report that the awesome Greek Key O’verlays came in! I was so excited that I grabbed one and positioned it on the stairs for grins. I CAN NOT WAIT! They are going to be so perfect.

week 6 foyer update


The Amy Howard Antique Mirror Solution arrived and I am itching to get started. My hope is that while you are reading this update – I will be working away aging mirror!


I finished the extra-large contemporary art piece and I am thrilled. It is not exactly like the inspiration piece – which is good. In fact, as I was painting it reminded me of my community and I will explain more next week.

week 6 foyer update


The Art niche pieces are coming along! They are more tedious than I first thought but I love how they are turning out. Here is a sneak peek!


week 6 foyer update


That’s about it folks, short and sweet. I look forward to sharing the finished space next week! Please come back and see my foyer in all her glory! Until then, how about some more updates?


*Click the pictures to head over to Calling It Home

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‘Til Later Friends,


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